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New feature: revealing keywords used for downloading

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Message posted at 01/09/2008, 12:27:32 PM by Amaranta
Very interesting.... Great idea :) Thanks!
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Message posted at 01/09/2008, 12:34:43 PM by Damirk

Thank You
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Message posted at 01/09/2008, 12:47:18 PM by Bbostjan
Great feature. I noticed it just a moment before I read this post :)

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Message posted at 01/09/2008, 12:55:57 PM by Marilyna

I found it fascinating to see what people actually type in for their searches and this will help with better and more appropraite keywording in future.

Great new feature!

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Message posted at 01/09/2008, 13:20:11 PM by Nospmisk
Very Cool!

The key words that led to my picture were now where in my key words at all.

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Message posted at 01/09/2008, 13:35:16 PM by Micspix
Just noticed this added feature today as I logged into my management section. What a good idea. I always wondered on what keywords people found my images. Thanks!

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Message posted at 01/09/2008, 13:42:17 PM by Hatman12
Great new feature.
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Message posted at 01/09/2008, 13:50:23 PM by Maxfx
Very useful, informative feature! Thanks!
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Message posted at 01/09/2008, 13:53:09 PM by Willyvend
This is very useful. Many thanks :-)
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Message posted at 01/09/2008, 13:59:34 PM by Tonygers
What a fantastic new feature. Thanks dreamstime. :-)

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Message posted at 01/09/2008, 15:07:53 PM by Indiansummer
What a useful and... funny feature! It is a small improvement but a very big feature! I'm in love with it from the first sight :)

Thank you!
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Message posted at 01/09/2008, 15:08:48 PM by Guilu
I find that very great, thank you!!!
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Message posted at 01/09/2008, 16:00:35 PM by Michaeldb

Originally posted by Achilles:
Quoted Message: Also, downloads made through visual search features (such as collections, ligthboxes, featured tabs, etc.) will not show anything (but n/a).

That is informative too, though - I like seeing how many images were found in some way other than keywords (so far it's more images than I would have thought).

I agree 100% with everyone who has said this new feature is GREAT!!! Thanks DT.
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Message posted at 01/09/2008, 16:06:32 PM by Leaf
great. thanks achilles - a super feature
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Message posted at 01/09/2008, 16:07:04 PM by Valeria73
Really great idea! Thanks!!! :))
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Message posted at 01/09/2008, 16:12:55 PM by Bucky_za
Is there any way these keywords are logged under the image.

I have noticed that the image only shows up the last keywords used on it.

Would it be possible to make a place where you could view the history of keywords used on your image ?
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Message posted at 01/09/2008, 16:24:38 PM by Littlemacproductions
Ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto.......etc.
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Message posted at 01/09/2008, 16:40:28 PM by Girlychic
LOVVV'S IT! Just noticed the new feature and wanted to get in on the buzzz about it. I say it is the best new feature so far, helpful in knowing what people are looking for.
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Message posted at 01/09/2008, 16:48:03 PM by Minpin
Another reason why we all think DT is the greatest!!! Thanks
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Message posted at 01/09/2008, 17:43:38 PM by Tommounsey
Very very cool !!!!!

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