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I am a photographer working exclusively with Dreamstime.com.


 I am a photographer working exclusively with Dreamstime.com.

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Stock Image : New York City: Salvation Army citadel homeless man
Stock Image : Garden: potted plant display shelves
Stock Image : Garden: black and red peony flower seeds
Stock Image : Technology: Renault electric car
Stock Image : London: warehouse apartments
Stock Image : London: free library Hoxton entry gate
Stock Image : London: public housing mother and child
Stock Image : London: Gray's Inn legal chambers gardens h
Stock Image : London: Gray's Inn legal chambers gardens v

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Stock Image : Courthouse sign
Stock Image : Jesus and St John
Stock Image : Small business: Barber shop front
Stock Image : Hospital: emergency sign
Stock Image : Jesus contemplating
Stock Image : ART stainless steel letters
Stock Image : New Zealand: summer christmas at beach
Stock Image : Vegetable garden: lettuce plants in sunlight
Stock Image : Winter: New England house in snow

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Stock Image : Hobby: model steam train engine cab
Stock Image : Home: suburban house
Stock Image : City: Dont Walk sign
Stock Image : Garden: sweet pea flowers - v
Stock Image : Church: historic white wooden chapel
Stock Image : Farmers Market vegetables: purple carrots
Stock Image : Australia: passenger and freight trains
Stock Image : Fall: harvested corn field
Stock Image : Construction: excavator and grader

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Stock Image : Tree felling: lumberjack man with chainsaw
Stock Image : Senior woman: walking in winter and smiling
Stock Image : Senior man: sitting gardening

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Thanks to everyone for sharing - now it makes more sense. The good old days are gone (surprise, surprise ... wry smile) One thing I still don't get though, is how it can make sense for DT to pay for images from exclusive amateurs like me [Read more...] posted in Portfolio evolution and analysis

OK, as a total amateur now I understand: I'm never going to be uploading thousands of images a year, so better get used to the roller coaster. Not lazy (well, maybe a bit), but not starving either, thanks Alvera. posted in Portfolio evolution and analysis