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Nov 01, 2014 (6:43)
Usually it takes time for the server to update what is on the app and vice versa. Give it a day or 2 and both what's on the website and on the app will be synced....
posted by Victordiola in dreamstime profile is not working

Nov 01, 2014 (5:45)
Sub sales are a necessary evil and they do help an image rise up in the price levels. I wouldn't mind seeing a few of mine that get the odd credit sale getting 10 or so sub hits in a short space of time. ;0)
posted by Rik57 in Second sell on DT

Nov 01, 2014 (5:31)
The only data that really matters is the amount under the "my earnings" icon and that number is always up to date. It's a bit frustrating to wait for other things to populate everywhere else sometimes, but as long as the earnings number ad...
posted by Rik57 in Pending Images

Nov 01, 2014 (5:22)
Best month by far. Twice any other in sales and revenue, uploaded 40 images with 100% acceptance ratio and had a few clients buy more than one at a time for the first time.
posted by Rik57 in How was your October 2014?

Nov 01, 2014 (4:43)
After I joined DT, I thought long and hard about becoming an exclusive contributor. Not being able to sell my images anywhere else seemed a little draconian, but in the end I was persuaded by the higher royalties and the promise of an "improved sear...
posted by Bigapplestock in Are exclusive contributors no longer getting a better search placement?

Nov 01, 2014 (4:26)
relax cat~~~Thank you Teo. I have also added your delicious looking chocolate rolls to my 'yummy food' collection.:-)
posted by Heathse in Calling all cat photographers!

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