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Aug 02, 2015 (10:13)
and, if nobody owns a copyright, neither do you.
posted by Therealdarla in Use of creative commons backgrounds

Aug 02, 2015 (9:58)
I agree with Ratpack2 that many buyers certainly wouldn't buy an image with a terrible comp. I think having no comp at all would be preferable to a blurry, low resolution image. Personally, I have stopped submitting any more images (here)...
posted by Rightdx in Comp images still blurry/low res 3 weeks later

Aug 02, 2015 (8:39)
Thank you 😁
posted by Stellamatsis in PRICES

Aug 02, 2015 (7:45)
This is really an odd one... Strong old man!
posted by Murdock2013 in Post your photos with strange / unexpected keywords used to find it

Aug 02, 2015 (4:54)
here you have some, including Sikh children and serving in langar:
posted by Ewamewa2 in Sikh Images Request

Aug 01, 2015 (5:33)
hello i just bought 5 images to downloads. do i still need to give a credit when i use them in facebook campagin?in generally where do i need to add the credit when using a picture?thank u
posted by Sharonshch in credit for an image i bought

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