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Apr 23, 2014 (7:58)
I think, you should go for 1920x1080 - 16:9(16:9 means widescreen video)... (4:3 means.. standard video)and, always you should create your project with matching settings with footage. If you are shooting in 1920 x 1080 (29.97fps...
posted by Designersl in Tutorial - Stock video footage prepare/export as Valid Quicktime files

Apr 23, 2014 (7:10)
Thank you!
posted by Nobilior in 8000 dls

Apr 23, 2014 (6:52)
Unfortunately without an ID number there isn't much we can do to replicate this problem.It may be a glitch in the system but and email should reach you (if the files is approved or refused).
posted by Nikitu in Do files disapear for a while?

Apr 23, 2014 (4:55)
BOSA town in Sardinia, Italy:
posted by Rahela in Post Your Latest Upload

Apr 23, 2014 (4:47)
Recently sold (sub sale):
posted by Rahela in Let's see some editorial

Apr 22, 2014 (10:01)
fire backdrop
posted by Igordabari in Show your keywords in action!

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