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Sep 03, 2015 (5:50)
If the bit in the corner could be fixed in Photoshop I would do that. If not, and cropping enough to eliminate the corner doesn't cut anything else that's important, then do that.
posted by Rik57 in Cropping or Not cropping

Sep 03, 2015 (5:05)
here is mine
posted by Maryrosemarapia in Image for new cookbook cover

Sep 03, 2015 (4:41)
rocky mountains plains
posted by Irinav in Show your keywords in action!

Sep 03, 2015 (3:03)
filling two categories also enough do not harden yourself to fill three of them (:
posted by Tigristiara in Categories

Sep 03, 2015 (3:02)
there two ways to sell1- if you submit ordinary photo, you have to make it to exceptional via photoshop etc2- if u have exceptional photo (for example aircraft falling down with the fires at its wings) you do not have to execute h...
posted by Tigristiara in Will any of my photos sell?

Sep 03, 2015 (2:49)
Do you mean pics like this one, or do you prefer studio setting?
posted by Ivanderbiesen in Finding Photos for Book Covers Almost Impossible

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