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Feb 06, 2016 (2:32)
Chanevy - No, i preffer something "real"...James - well i need to see samples to decide... and i need it soon, but can wait for you few days more.. please update me...if someone have more suggestions - i would like to hear....Thanks everybody.....
posted by Idanelst in Picture of university board at 320pixels * 2000 pixels

Feb 06, 2016 (2:10)
admin i want to know if i miss to to submit CATEGORIES:Industries->Education ID 66153681 then can i add it ?between 3 only two active i choose auto-populated option but don't know how 1 subcategory miss.can i request here any admin or i need to s...
posted by Bhabotoshchakraborty in help admin add category

Feb 05, 2016 (9:01)
So I take it you can not question Dreamstime at all Asterixvs?.. I checked out some of your footage Asterixvs and it is more static then mine. But I guess being a remote editor helps to get it through.Message boards are to discuss topics to improve overa...
posted by Immimagery in So no negative comments about Dreamstime?

Feb 05, 2016 (8:30)
Please do not use the message boards to discuss refusals. For specific reasons regarding refusals contact support. Thank you!
posted by Asterixvs in The clip lacks action (too static)?

Feb 05, 2016 (3:22)
Hi, i also have some:
posted by Lecaro in Native Americans

Feb 05, 2016 (12:01)
QUESTION:If an image submitted as an assignment is refused and the contributor makes the correction and uses the "Resubmit" option to submit the image, does the system (again) flag that image as an assignment image or is the contribut...
posted by Mccallk69 in New assignment - Real people in real time

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