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Sep 01, 2014 (10:54)
It might be too much coding but is it possible to have the images on the assignments page(s) display in larger thumbnails? Maybe it's just my monitor which is set at a very high resolution but bigger thumbnails would make voting easier and...
posted by Red in CrAzY new assignment - Roaring 25

Sep 01, 2014 (9:51)
Congrats! Out of curiosity, was it a Nikon photo or an iphone?
posted by Johnnymitch in First Dreamstime sale!

Sep 01, 2014 (9:43)
Try to think about the buyer/designer's perspective. What kind of photos would you be looking for if you were laying out a website or producing a piece of print. Make sure that you leave enough copy space to make the photos usable. They are great ph...
posted by Johnnymitch in First Year Critique

Sep 01, 2014 (9:35)
Keep uploading and keep learning. You don't need a huge portfolio to get sales but uploading new content helps you to learn what sort of things might sell. Like the previous poster, I have found that most of my sales came from a couple of photos tha...
posted by Johnnymitch in For one half year on Dreamstime, time for a review

Sep 01, 2014 (4:26)
Thanks Madpixblue for your speech
posted by Libux77 in Silhouette as Editorial

Sep 01, 2014 (2:55)
Congratulations and a good potfolio. I too have a similar amount online with 69 as of today and also just the one sale. My plan is to give things time and keep building my portfolio.Good luckMark
posted by Markuk97 in 50th photo online

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