Full name: Mikhail Markovskiy
Located: Moscow, Russian Federation
Joined: January 28, 2010
Equipment: Canon 5D, Canon 300D, Kiev-88 (ARAX), Kiev-60, Pentacon Six, Fujica GW690, Fujica GSW690II, Moskva-4, Tamron 28-75/2.8, CZJ Flektogon 2.8/20, Zenitar 16/2.8, Jupiter-37 135/3.5, Jupiter-9 85/2, Canon 100-300/4.5-5.6, Volna-3 80/2.8, CZJ Biometar 120/2.8, Zodiak-8B 30/3.5, Mir-26B 45/3.5, ARSAT-PCS 55/4.5
Favourite subjects: Travel, architecture, landscape, nature.
Mikhail Markovskiy (Markovskiy)

Latest uploads
Stock Image : Epiphany Cathedral in Tomsk, Russia
Stock Image : Submarine moored at the Rahmi M. Koc Museum in Istanbul, Turkey
Stock Image : Marina with small motor boats in Istanbul, Turkey
Stock Image : Symmetrical image made of the photo of yellow maple leaves
Stock Image : Interior of Yeni Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey
Stock Image : Yeni Mosque (New Mosque) in Istanbul, Turkey
Stock Image : Maiden's Tower in Istanbul, Turkey
Stock Image : Sultan Ahmed Mosque in early morning, Istanbul, Turkey
Stock Image : Galata Tower and ships at Karakoy pier in Istanbul, Turkey

Most popular images
Stock Image : Interior of Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem
Stock Image : Wooden churches on island Kizhi
Stock Image : Tree of desires on Lake Baikal
Stock Image : Arch in Jaffa, Israel
Stock Image : Independence Square in Kiev
Stock Image : Interior of the Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Mosque)
Stock Image : The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul
Stock Image : Spice Bazaar (Egyptian Bazaar) in Istanbul
Stock Image : Cape Burhan and Shaman Rock at Baikal lake

Editors' choice
Stock Image : Interior of the Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Mosque)

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