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Joined: March 7, 2008
Equipment: Canon 40D, MP-E65 1X - 5X macro lens, MT-24EX Twin Flash, Tamron 17-50, 580EXII, Hakuba LH1 Flash Bracket
Favourite subjects: Insects/Bugs, Nature, Landscapes
Bio / Artistic statement
I am an avid nature photographer especially in macro/close-up. I also love landscape/event/wedding, basically all kinds of photography! Variety is the spice of life, right?:)

Latest uploads
Stock Image : A cute jumping spider
Stock Image : Ricaniidae planthopper
Stock Image : Parasitoid wasp
Stock Image : Mushroom on tree trunk
Stock Image : A white crab spider
Stock Image : Red mantis nymph
Stock Image : Lynx spider
Stock Image : Profile of a blue bottle fly
Stock Image : Red ladybird with black spots

Most popular images
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Stock Image : Wild Mushroom
Stock Image : Mantis face/eyes

Editors' choice
Stock Image : Male crimson dropwing
Stock Image : Ant mimic spider with prey
Stock Image : robberfly with prey - a barkfly, front view
Stock Image : Longhorn beetle

Exclusive images
Stock Image : An ant-mimic jumping spider
Stock Image : A female dragonffly, Neurothemis fluctuans
Stock Image : A green shield bug/stink bug
Stock Image : Trap jaw ant
Stock Image : Yellow spotted black fungus beetle
Stock Image : Red mantis nymph
Stock Image : Paddy field with yet to ripen grain and blue sky
Stock Image : Ant-mimic jumping spider
Stock Image : A dark brown and whitish raft spider/fishing spide

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