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I am a photographer working exclusively with


  I am a photographer working exclusively with

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Stock Image : Factory's  pier of  Bodø
Stock Image : Mirroring pier of  of Meloey
Stock Image : Red house of Meloey
Stock Image : Red cabin  of Meloey
Stock Image : Sailor facing a Meloeys Lighthouse
Stock Image : Meloey's Lighthouse
Stock Image : Lighthouse of Meloey
Stock Image : White house and red cabin  of Meloey
Stock Image : Houses and boats of Meloey

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Stock Image : Two curious dogs
Stock Image : Lofoten's lodge with grass on the roof
Stock Image : Street with  Coloured  houses of La Boca
Stock Image : Titicaca's hills and Andes
Stock Image : Titicaca's floating islands and boats
Stock Image : Hurtigruten in Lofoten
Stock Image : Lofoten's fjords
Stock Image : Cork layers
Stock Image : Arctic Lofoten

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Stock Image : Palafitte's house of Ure and a rope
Stock Image : Stockfish and Lofoten's mounts
Stock Image : Houses and mountains of Leknes
Stock Image : Machu Picchu warden's house
Stock Image : Salt'n'pepper's  dog
Stock Image : Turquoise lagoon
Stock Image : Hamnoy's vertical mirror
Stock Image : Pier of  Henningsvaer in wintertime
Stock Image : The Lofoten's golf court

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Stock Image : Northern Light  above norwegian village

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