Full name: Pavalache Stelian
Located: Wabern 3084, Switzerland
Joined: April 6, 2004
Equipment: Mamyia 645 PRO TL, Horizon S3Pro - MC ARSAT 28mm f:2.8, Nikon F90x with MB10, Nikon D800, Nikon D700, Nikon D7000 Sigma Lens 14mm AF (f:3.5), Nikkor Lens 17-35mm AF-S D-ED (f:2.8), Nikkor Lens 20mm D (f:2.8), Nikkor Lens 50mm D (f:1.4) Nikkor Lens 50mm D (f:1.8), Nikkor Lens 80-200mm IF ED (f:2.8), Mamiya 645 Pro Lens Macro A 1:4 F:120mm M, Mamiya 645 Pro Lens Sekor F:80mm 1:2.8 N, Mamiya 645 Pro Lens Seiko A 1:3.8 F:150mm N/L, Mamiya Sekor Reflex C 1:8, f:500mm, MC ARSAT (Zodiak 8) 3.0/30mm FishEye, Carl Zeiss Jena - Sonnar 180mm f:2.8 Studio Multiblitz Walser 600W CY-K & Dynaphos Pro and studio accesoriers.
Favourite subjects: Good pictures
Bio / Artistic statement
I am a photographer working exclusively with
Featured photographer between July 19, 2011 and July 26, 2011.

Who are you photography? Why such question? Otherwise how? How could I talk to the light? I am trying to plunge into its world and bring it to the surface under the shape of letters. What an impossible mission has been assigned to me. It is as if I would rudely and constantly rummage the mystery of the infinite man. you remember the shooting starts? ...well, knead infinite stars in your palm and then, as genuinely as a child, throw them back into the universe. Men and worlds will emerg...
Pavalache Stelian (Photodesign)

  Featured photographer between July 19, 2011 and July 26, 2011 I am a photographer working exclusively with

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Stock Image : Panoramic sunset from Glacier 3000 Les Diablerets,Gstaad
Stock Image : View from Glacier 3000 bridge,  Les Diablerets, Gstaad
Stock Image : Panoramic view of Glacier 3000 Les Diablerets,Gstaad
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