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 Karin Van Ijzendoorn | Satara910 (390) | Delft, Netherlands - since October 2006

popular this week - Child at school
  CHILD AT SCHOOL | Alphaspiri...

Concept of simple lesson of child at school

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  undiscovered images - Dragon boats racing to finish DBS river Regatta 2013
  DRAGON BOATS RA... | Jacetan

Participant watching Dragon Boats race to the finish in this extreme boat race with the MBS building as backdrop. The DBS Marina Regatta 2013 is Singapore’s Largest Water Sports Festival. Over two days of high speed Dragon Boating action, from local and international teams arriving at the beautiful Marina Bay, providing us great water sports action, fun and community festivals over 18th and 19th May 2013. While the main action is on the Dragon Boats in action, there were also a festival and carnival for the participants and spectators to join in and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere.

File ID: 31191070
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