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 George Kroll | Daddiomanottawa (1,537) | Ontario, Canada - since January 2012

popular this week - Christmas scene with tree and fire in background
  CHRISTMAS SCENE... | Sandralise

Christmas scene with tree gifts and fire in background

File ID: 21791442
Price: 11 credits
Image size: 3968x4752 pixels (18.9 MP)
Downloads: 308
  undiscovered images - Drought in indonesia
  DROUGHT IN INDO... | Akbargumay

Residents took the murky waters of the well made in the middle of the reservoir dries up for daily necessities in the village of Kradenan, Grobogan, Bentulan, Central Java, Friday (30/9). According to residents, the drought this time is the worst in the last five years, where the water of the well is expected to be dry, seasonal in the next two weeks

File ID: 31186075
Price: 7 credits
Image size: 2480x3244 pixels (8.0 MP)
Downloads: 6

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