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@Mohammedsoliman4: My apologies, I made a mistake in the explanation I gave you when you wrote to support. If an image is sold with the sell the rights option in the assignment, you receive $25. The image is owned by Assignments but if this image wins, t ... [Read more...]

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...and a month later, a happy couple is ready to tie the knot and we're happy to welcome our 36-millionth image. Congratulations to Anton Halim for uploading this pre-wedding shot:      They look lovely, don't they? The photographer ... [Read more...]

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You can also leave a comment to the contributor and notify him that the description should be corrected. A polite commend can also fix this. To leave a comment, click on the image, then on the tools tab below the thumbnail and see the send comment box.

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Carmen Pietraru


Bucharest, Romania
Carmen Pietraru (Tangie)

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June 1, 2007
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