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Equipment: NIKON + Nikkor/auto & Leica/manual lenses
Favourite subjects: Travel, Architecture, Scenery & Portraits combined with mixed Studio + Digital Art.
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Traveler & Adventurer & Photographer
I would greatly appreciate, if you let me know the use of my pictures in any interesting projects, websites or campaigns. Message me with link or comment on the photo. Thank you.


Latest uploads
Stock Image : Storm damage, shop banner, London
Stock Image : Lady Thatcher's funeral
Stock Image : Car with Baroness Thatcher's coffin
Stock Image : Protester - London, England
Stock Image : 2014 New Year Celebration
Stock Image : Lights of Paris
Stock Image : Jesus face, Sagrada Familia
Stock Image : 2014, English flag, Great Britain
Stock Image : St. Paul's Cathedral, London

Most popular images
Stock Image : Mountain biker in action
Stock Image : Ipad, travel photos with modern technology, Prague
Stock Image : Man with shovel from the snow hole
Stock Image : Olympics 2012 - London Summer Games word cloud
Stock Image : Lumberjack cutting down tree
Stock Image : Lumberjack, forest work
Stock Image : Woodcutter, forest work set
Stock Image : Ski field from the snow hole
Stock Image : Room ceiling water damaged

Exclusive images
Stock Image : Olympics 2012 - London Summer Games word cloud
Stock Image : Great Pagoda in Nanning, China
Stock Image : Timber cutting, forest worker - Lumberjack
Stock Image : Man with shovel from the snow hole
Stock Image : United Nations motor park, UN cars
Stock Image : Man lighting candles
Stock Image : Paralympics 2012 - London Summer Games words cloud
Stock Image : Cadrona Hotel, old car, New Zealand
Stock Image : Border stamps retro background

Teabum's models
Stock Image : Man lighting candles
Stock Image : Lumberjack moving timber

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Stock Footage : Spring Time
Stock Footage : Fast, wild water rapid drop footage
Stock Footage : White smoke over sand movie
Stock Footage : Glittering water fountain
Stock Footage : Saint Paul's cathedral, London
Stock Footage : White wave in dark water
Stock Footage : Eifel tower, night show, Paris
Stock Footage : Moulin Rogue Windmill, Paris
Stock Footage : Yellow leafs in the wind, blue sky

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