Full name: Dan Hanscom
Located: Torrington, United States
Joined: March 9, 2013
Equipment: Nikon D90, SB600, SB910, 18-105mm, 55-300mm; 85mm micro, 50mm (prime), Nikon 1V1 Mirrorless Camera
Favourite subjects: Nature, landscapes, macro photography
Bio / Artistic statement
I have been taking pictures in some capacity since 1985. What first started as a hobby has progressed into a passion for photography. Many of the pictures I take invoke an emotion in me that i hope translates to those that look at my images. I enjoy both color and black and white images and you will see both in my portfolio.
Dan Hanscom (Tempestz)


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Stock Image : Practicing Buddhists
Stock Image : Chinese Tourists at People's Square
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Exclusive images
Stock Image : Utility Pole
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Stock Image : Taipei City line

Tempestz's models
Stock Image : Enjoying the view
Stock Image : Waves crashing against rocks
Stock Image : Teenage Girl
Stock Image : Man looking across the Huangpu River
Stock Image : Asian woman on a pay telephone

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@superjolly, thank you. Continuing to add new images as i take them in China. Here is one of my latest China pictures.   posted in Increasing exposure to uploaded images

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