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Message posted at 08/03/2008, 17:38:57 PM by Ncn18
Lets talk a little.....

What do you think about the new NIKON D 700???????

For me its a great step for NIKON..closes the difference between D300 and D3...full frame and sensor cleaning, 3" monitor...nearly all good things from the expensive D3....the only one what I dislike...that its a cam with a battery grip...I know...that THAT is the great feature, but I still need a little time to let it be MY great feature too :-)
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Message posted at 08/03/2008, 21:16:20 PM by Warrenpricephotography
Speaking of D3/D700, I just read this at Ken Rockwell's site:

Price seems to be dropping on the D3. Might be worth the difference to go with the real deal.
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Message posted at 08/04/2008, 21:59:09 PM by Doninny
I have read great reviews on the 700 but after spending a little over 2 thousand on the D300 and lens, dont think it will be in my budget for a while.
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Message edited at 08/06/2008, 09:11:17 AM by Moutwtrng
Its an awsome camera, i bet but I dont feel the need for a D700 after weiging in the features and the fact that I have to buy FF lenses. I actually like and the 1.5x crop factor on my D300 which extends my zoom and gives me a shallower DOF. Plus I barely shoot in low light. Also since it is a FF camera I wish that they upped the megapixel count to atleast 14-16mpx for product and studio shots.

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Message posted at 08/08/2008, 07:51:20 AM by Parisvas
D700 (as D3) is what makes Nikon competitive again. Full frame sensor is really making the difference as DX format (and Nikon's specially) is not serious stuff (IMHO of course). Just go out and try it; it'll take you less then 5 minutes to realize that DX gear is not enough.

Noise, or better, absence of noise is amazing. The viewfinder is luminous like the ones back in the F5 era. Ergonomic is fine. D700 is really a superb camera: excellent noise, amazing colours, usual high Nikon's standards (construction, menù ecc), high lens' compatibility. I don't feel the need for D3, D700 have all you may need for a good price.

Fortunately I didn't upgrade from D200 to D300 (that is a rather disappointing camera) and, as the only DX lens I bought was the Nikon 12-24, I had no problems to be in budget for the D700. For a great pleasure of my old friends (17-35, 70-200, 105 Micro plus all the manual focus lenses).

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Message posted at 08/14/2008, 20:50:46 PM by Jaboardm
I finally no longer regret my decision with Nikon... Another new one will be out before you know it, so if you can't do the D700, just hold on. The price will drop with the release of a new one, or you can just skip a generation. I love my D3 and wouldn't give it up for anything currently out there. The D700 may be a better backup for me than the D300.
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Message posted at 09/01/2008, 15:56:52 PM by Hotduckz
D700 was very great on it's price and capability but you can't share your EN-EL4 and charger with that camera. :)

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Message posted at 09/19/2008, 15:44:12 PM by Photawa
Now it has some competition from the new Canon 5D Mark II, so that should lower the price of the Nikon D700.

There appears to be advantages and disadvantages to both. Too bad we can't put all the good from each into one camera.

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Message posted at 08/30/2010, 23:32:03 PM by Tonnywu76
It has been more than a year since the last discussion on the new D700 from the last post of this forum. Anyone know when the D700x or D800 is going for a launch for the current model replacement.?
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Message posted at 08/31/2010, 17:46:58 PM by Celwell

I have been seeing various postings and estimates that say Q2 2011 is likely (note these are only rumours and heresay). I hope it's not too soon before then as I have already spent far too much this year lol.

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Message posted at 08/31/2010, 21:11:21 PM by Bradcalkins

Originally posted by Celwell:
Quoted Message: ^^I have been seeing various postings and estimates that say Q2 2011 is likely (note these are only rumours and heresay). I hope it`s not too soon before then as I have already spent far too much this year lol.

We all need one of those mythical accountants who says 'you need to spend $3,000 by Dec 31' !
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Message posted at 08/31/2010, 23:15:35 PM by Tonnywu76
Some rumour also mentioned that it will happen this year. This prediction supported by the freebe that they are giving out now in Asia and Europe
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