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Critiques Please, Photos and vector illustrations

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Message posted at 03/29/2005, 09:25:14 AM by Sjm1123
I have a few things; four photos and five vector illustrations. I want to know what you think.

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Message posted at 03/29/2005, 13:46:33 PM by Kittycat
Sjm ii23, I think they are great!!
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Message posted at 03/30/2005, 04:43:52 AM by Achilles - member is an admin
You have great potential 6 downloads out of 9 is not bad at all. But you should try to increase your portfolio.

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Message posted at 03/30/2005, 09:30:53 AM by Demonike - member is an admin
With a drawing capability like this, you can achieve ANYTHING! When the photographers are somewhat limited to the things that EXIST, artist have no limits at all! :)
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Message posted at 04/03/2005, 11:01:19 AM by Pichunter
Welcome to Dt, your Portfolio is Great, you have a very good design & concept ideas, well produced.

You will do very well, I really liked the camera shot, very original

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