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Photos Needed

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Message posted at 11/06/2008, 12:37:29 PM by Wetpaint12
Hi, we're in need of the following photos

1. a beautiful family including Mother Father and children wearing glasses, preferably caucasian or hispanic. they could be standing or sitting, i would actually like them laying down on their stomachs facing the camera shoulder to shoulder. i dont want to get too picky, but i will take anything that emphasizes the glasses. if they can have different glasses that would work. closer to the group the better, chest up is fine too.

2. beautiful children and young adults smiling and looking into the camera wearing glasses, again pose isn't too important, but emphasize the glasses. race doesn't matter on this one.

backgrounds are ok, or you can mask them out. clothing should be colorful, but not to take away from the glasses. wire frames, plastic, as long as they look like designer glasses.

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Message posted at 11/06/2008, 13:06:29 PM by Ankevanwyk
Young adult with glasses facing cam and smiling:

   Happy young woman   
Nikon, Nikon, Nikon!

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Message edited at 01/20/2010, 02:45:44 AM by Admin
  Young Man with a portfolio     

  Asian boy enjoying music   

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Message edited at 11/06/2008, 13:51:40 PM by Perrush
 Kid with glasses   
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Message edited at 01/11/2010, 09:48:05 AM by Admin
   Sad teen with Pimples   

Edited by Admin: this image doesnt match requirements.

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Message posted at 11/06/2008, 15:46:24 PM by Mollysauro
   I wear my sun glasses   Will this one work
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Message edited at 11/06/2008, 16:50:58 PM by Writer
   Man Who Won The World       Image not available or id is incorrect.       Portrait Of Cool Young Man   

   Cool Young Man Making A Phone Call       Joy Of Success       Smoker Face / Enough, Pal?   
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Message edited at 01/20/2010, 02:46:24 AM by Admin
Here are a few that might be what you are looking .. (not my images!)

   Young girl lying in grass   

   Pretty girl lying on bed       Family       Family smiling   

   Little girl looking at mom with glasses   

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Message posted at 11/06/2008, 17:27:57 PM by Pinkcandy
   Don't do that   
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Message posted at 11/06/2008, 18:32:39 PM by Cringuette
   Image not available or id is incorrect.      Rugged handsome      Senior couple on cruise   
Canon 5D Mark II

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Message posted at 11/06/2008, 19:19:53 PM by Lukasztymszan

Smiling girl in sun glasses and adult talking by the cell phone:

   Fun      Image not available or id is incorrect.   

Professional worker in glasses to protect her eyes:


Now: Sony NEX 3n Before:Canon Eos 40D + SIGMA 10-20 + Tamro...

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Message posted at 11/07/2008, 00:33:45 AM by Emerka
   Image not available or id is incorrect.   

   The smell of rape       Image not available or id is incorrect.   

Nikon D600

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Message edited at 11/07/2008, 02:55:00 AM by Admin
   Woman reading book       Image not available or id is incorrect.     Image not available or id is incorrect.   

   beautiful woman with glasses       Sky in woman sunglasses       Image not available or id is incorrect.   
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Message edited at 01/20/2010, 02:51:01 AM by Admin
 Man in Sunglasses   Man   Man   Man   Man  Man 

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Message posted at 11/12/2008, 10:53:20 AM by Emerka
   Family wearing glasses       Happy family   
Nikon D600

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Message posted at 11/12/2008, 11:38:49 AM by Jox
   Girl with glasses   

   Businesswoman with glasses   

   Blond woman   

   Girl with Big Red Lips   

   Beauty eye   
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Message edited at 11/12/2008, 12:02:59 PM by Justmeyo
Young women adult

   Business woman with glasses        Young business woman   
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Message posted at 11/12/2008, 17:18:10 PM by Susy56
Here are mine.

   Young teenage girl and Australian mix dog   6384286   Teen texting on cell phone      Image not available or id is incorrect.      Smiling brown-haired sisters   

Good luck with your project!

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Message edited at 01/20/2010, 02:49:16 AM by Admin
   Girl with wreath     Girl wearing glasses   

   Soap bubbles      Women with sunglasses 

  Girls with spring flowers     Girl with a bunch of flowers    

 Image not available or id is incorrect. 
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Message posted at 11/13/2008, 06:07:46 AM by Donnarae
   Female pursing her lips   
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