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size reduction

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Message posted at 06/24/2005, 16:36:46 PM by Rggmusic
Hi, I realize this is a really dumb question, but I'm kind of ... dumb.

Let's say I'm building a website. I find the perfect pictures here, and buy them. But the pictures are 2 or 3mb each.

To post them to my site, I'm sure they need to be reduced in size (right?)

If so, what's the easiest way to do that? Is there a simple tool that will do a decent job?



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Message posted at 06/24/2005, 19:58:30 PM by Carolinasmith
The easiest way is to resize in Photoshop.... but if you don't have Photoshop, there is a nice free program on the web that will resize your images if you have a PC (ie, Windows, not Mac).

It is IrfanView .... go to

open your file, then go to Image and down to Resize/Resample
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Message posted at 06/27/2005, 11:08:50 AM by Rggmusic
Thanks Carolina!

I'm going to check that out right now.


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Message posted at 06/27/2005, 23:19:23 PM by Carolinasmith
You're welcome :)
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Message posted at 05/15/2006, 16:34:35 PM by Seagrave
If you want to shrink the file size further. Open the image in MS PAINT after you have resized the image in whatever software, and resave it. This reduces the file size and keeps image quality. It sounds strange but it works.
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Message posted at 05/19/2006, 09:15:00 AM by Lidps

Crop and resize the photo to what you want. Then go to file - save for web - this will bring up a new window. You have a couple of options to reduce the file size, usually JPEG at quality 60 works well.

The other way, make sure the DPI is set to 72. Save as a JPEG and choose a quality setting around 6.

Always duplicate the photo just incase you save on top of it self.
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Message posted at 07/12/2006, 20:23:45 PM by Fleyeing

Originally posted by Lidps:
Quoted Message: Photoshop- - save for web

Another advantage of "save for web" in PS is that it removes all IPTC and EXIF info. Not only great for privacy, but it saves an extra 10-20KB that bears no image info at all. As to image quality, just play with the compression rate and watch the preview. Some pics are OK at 30%, some only at 75%. It's black magic ;-)

I don't know whether Irfanview removes the IPTC/EXIF on resize.
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Message posted at 07/26/2006, 02:47:51 AM by Vandenborre
If you want things automated, like uploading an image to your website, and immediately e.g. let your webserver make thumbnails out of them, you'll need to find a host that has got the necessary components installed on their servers.

(like for instance)

Ofcourse, this often doesn't match the image quality of photos resized by offline tools, where you have full control. And maybe more important for you is that you don't need to have any programming skills, which are required if you use these components, unless you buy a sollution which has it built-in allready.
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Message posted at 03/24/2007, 11:50:12 AM by Ahmadpi

I always use a free software called FastStone Photo Resizer to resize images in batch. This software also could apply watermarks and texts from EXIF for all images.

Try it out .. you might like it!


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Message posted at 04/16/2007, 00:47:03 AM by Iamchana
I always depend on Photoshop as I find it the most powerful tool. The "save to web" feature is very convenient to use.

One note though, I find that many web designers are confused as to what file type they should save as. Photo images should be saved as JPEG while other computer-generated graphics should be saved as GIF.

Hope that helps!


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