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What do you listen to?

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Message posted at 01/28/2009, 21:44:34 PM by EmeraldUmbrellaStudio
What do you listen to when you are shooting and editing?

Me for shooting I dont listen to anything except for shooting in at the studio or the house.

For editing I tend to listen to alot of Ambient or trip hop since I can sit there for hours fixing things and stay focused on the project Proud Nikonian needing a new b...

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Message posted at 01/28/2009, 22:57:26 PM by Ankevanwyk
... while shooting nothing, while editing I always listen to our local radio station Algoa FM :-)
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Message posted at 01/29/2009, 02:42:17 AM by Creativei
While shooting none, well while editing, I listen to some soft music, and well most depends on the mood, I have several playlist depending on my mood. But never listen to radio, coz these RJ, talk too much and it always distracts, and not forget the ads. I hate radio, Sorry ankevan, its just my opinion.
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Message posted at 01/29/2009, 08:16:07 AM by Martinedegraaf
while shooting and editing, I always listen (well, with half an ear anyway) to my 3 year old son... who is always talking and rambling ;o)

If he is not... then I am listening to some cartoon lol

Hardly any music here.
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Message posted at 01/29/2009, 11:49:52 AM by Abpics
shooting - nothing

editing - listening to wife (from one ear), and having nothing between two ears. :-)
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Message posted at 01/29/2009, 11:51:34 AM by Inganielsen
while shooting nothing

while editing I listen do tv(currently The Simpsons) or internetradio.
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Message posted at 01/29/2009, 14:05:40 PM by Rebeccaosborn
while editing i love alicia keys, indi arie, tom baxter.... and i always sing along!! Sometimes tho pure silence is nice after a hectic day!

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Message posted at 01/30/2009, 02:17:59 AM by Littledesire
While editing I like listening evergreens. I also LOVE singing and sometimes it's very hard to read the forums while singing :) I'm making big laugh to my fiance :)

And for all Balkans here I would like to say that I'm listening now to a serbian song "Lane moe" - great one!

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Message posted at 01/30/2009, 02:49:38 AM by Ncn18
while shooting nothing

...while editing or at work always: ".977 country radio"...
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Message posted at 02/04/2009, 10:11:30 AM by Nobilior
while editing I like listening Guns N' Roses or Death... or Def Leppard
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Message posted at 02/09/2009, 08:57:01 AM by Infokus408
while editing....paramore, slow coming day, lykke li
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Message posted at 04/25/2009, 21:25:43 PM by Dehooks
I listen to whatever is on TV, usually ESPN.
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Message posted at 04/28/2009, 07:11:01 AM by Freedomimage
Techno,reggae,rock ,and Led ZEP,Black Sabbath
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Message posted at 05/02/2009, 18:09:23 PM by Petersjokvist
Trance, Hard House, Techno is god for editing
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Message posted at 05/03/2009, 01:42:49 AM by Pitbull28
Metal (especially gothic).

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Message posted at 05/03/2009, 13:47:57 PM by pic.r

Originally posted by Martinedegraaf:
Quoted Message: while shooting and editing, I always listen (well, with half an ear anyway) to my 3 year old son... who is always talking and rambling ;o)

If he is not... then I am listening to some cartoon lol

Hardly any music here.

Same here (only a girl, slightly older (5 1/2 years), LOL!
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Message posted at 05/04/2009, 10:47:58 AM by Macdaddy
When shooting nothing, but when I'm back in the home office I'll have my playlist of RUSH, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Dream Theater, DIO and Opeth. That usually keeps me going for a few hours.
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Message posted at 05/05/2009, 16:36:18 PM by Utmax
Always Afasi & filthy (swedish hip hop group)
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Message posted at 05/05/2009, 21:11:29 PM by Torchdesigns
Depends on the day, and what I am doing. I like hard rock, some hip hop, and things with a fast pace and a strong beet when I am designing. :-) keeps me moving.

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Message posted at 05/06/2009, 00:01:42 AM by Wildmac
If I'm feeling a bit down, anything with a beat, like Linkin park, Maroon five, Matchbox 20, Moby, Coldplay etc.Or older stuff like Def Leopard, E.L.O., Hall and Oats etc. If I'm feeling chilled out then a bit of jazz or swing. Sometimes I'm just in a blues sort of mood. I have very wide musical tastes :0) I even like a bit of classical or opera on occasion.

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