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180,000 images online - over 10,000 images in one week

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Message posted at 11/24/2005, 09:24:30 AM by Achilles - member is an admin
No less than 10,000 image per week!

 Smiling beauty 

Congratulations to Olga Vasilkova from Germany, the prize it's on its way!

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Message posted at 11/24/2005, 09:56:30 AM by Jackrussell
I'd noticed how fast the reviews were going and didn't think it would take long to get from 170,000 to 180,000. Congratulations Dreamstime and Olga. :)
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Message posted at 11/24/2005, 13:35:26 PM by Melking
wow Congrats!
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Message posted at 11/24/2005, 15:49:56 PM by Vasilkova
Wow, thank you! What a surprise! I will wait for the postman LOL. Wanted to say that review time is much shorter now, well done Dreamstime.
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Message posted at 11/25/2005, 16:00:06 PM by Rinderart
And beautiful too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!congrats
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Message posted at 11/25/2005, 16:34:29 PM by Liquidphoto
Fantastic! Congratulations Vasilkova and well deserved!

Best wishes-

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Message posted at 11/25/2005, 18:15:23 PM by Sophieso
Amazing, and congratulation Vasilkova. Lovely image. And congrats to Dreamstime!

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Message posted at 11/26/2005, 22:29:50 PM by Geotrac
congratulations Olga

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Message posted at 11/27/2005, 11:35:43 AM by Marilyna
Yes congrats to you Olga, and congrats to DT and the team, looks like the site is growing in quantum leaps now!!
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Message posted at 11/27/2005, 14:43:19 PM by Photodiane
Congrats Olga!
Canon 20D/40D

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Message posted at 11/27/2005, 15:26:02 PM by Narcisa
congrats Olga and congrats Dreamstime
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Message posted at 11/27/2005, 16:33:54 PM by Pamelajane
congratulations Olga thats a great image and congrats to DT and the team

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Message posted at 11/29/2005, 21:43:25 PM by Pufferfishy
Congrates Olga. Beautiful work! And bravo to DT Team!
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Message posted at 11/30/2005, 13:58:37 PM by Bevd@l
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Message posted at 12/02/2005, 07:23:27 AM by Gchrisf1
Congratulations Olga. Well done.
Fujifilm s5600

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Message posted at 12/02/2005, 09:03:01 AM by Mpalis
Congratulations Olga. You worth it!
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