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Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II

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Message posted at 09/14/2010, 04:18:23 AM by Motadacruz
I've just bought the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II.

Can't believe the quality you get back from a lens under EUR 100,00 !!

Maybe the big professionals recommend an other (more expensive) lens. But for people like me, who want to try something new with a lens and don't want to spend too much money, this lens is perfect!

Just made some test shots, and I love it.

I'm going to Portugal for vacation tomorrow, then I'm really going to use it to shoot some photos for DT.

Anyone else has this lens (and lovin' it) ? :)
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Message posted at 09/14/2010, 04:23:35 AM by Nikitu - member is an admin
I love that lens as well, it's the first I ever bought and still stands strong. As you say, I'm lovin' it.
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Message posted at 09/14/2010, 05:22:47 AM by Motadacruz
Cool :)

I can't wait to shoot with it on my vacation.
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Message posted at 09/14/2010, 12:51:53 PM by Kringstad
I bought this lens a couple of months ago and it is my favorite to shoot with because it is prime (my only one). Cheap and light. I'm lovin' it.
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Message posted at 09/15/2010, 04:25:12 AM by Thanatonautii
Very good lens, I have it too! The photos look great, and the bokeh it`s even greater!

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Message posted at 09/15/2010, 05:57:07 AM by Sigurdurwilliam
a great lens... the first one I bought after the kit lens that came with my camera... =)
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Message posted at 09/15/2010, 06:41:08 AM by P0temkin

so light and easy to bring along ... always :-)
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Message posted at 09/16/2010, 15:05:23 PM by Themalni
I've got this lens too and loved it from the day one. The only problem I have with it, or rather to say complain, this lens suffers from chromatic aberration when I shoot contrasty images. For stock photography it's a nuisance 'cos you have to remove it.

But apart from that the lens is really good, sharp and as was mentioned above, it's very light and convenient to work with.
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Message posted at 10/06/2010, 02:56:11 AM by Serjedi
Magic lens, how all the lenses must be: light, sharp, wide aperture, and.. of course cheap! ;-)
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Message posted at 10/07/2010, 10:55:52 AM by Karenkh
I've got one too and it's an awesome lens. One of the first ones I bought two years ago and still going strong!
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Message posted at 10/08/2010, 15:01:12 PM by Jeniicorv8
I love it too, sharpness, aperture and plus, plus, plus, it practically transforms my T2i into an even more compact DLSR!
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