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Older children playing with regular sized Legos

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Message posted at 12/16/2010, 12:10:58 PM by Svanlaanen
Hello, I am looking for photos of older children ("tween-ish": 6-12 years) playing with the regular sized Legos (not Duplos). Our library branches are hosting "Lego Club" building parties for "children of all ages" and almost all of the images I am finding are of young (5-ish and under) children playing with the larger Duplos.

Some image suggestions:

Boys and girls, any nationality, partially built "creations" - can be simple or complex, interacting with a parent or grandparent (building together), child surrounded by piles of legos, in a library setting if possible or at least not obvious that it is in a bedroom or living room, can be isolated from it's background, etc.


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Message posted at 12/16/2010, 12:34:01 PM by Petarneychev
Just a side-note (also to contributors) that the Lego characters are copyrighted so you won't be able to license these as the commercial RF.

Generic building blocks are O.K., however.
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Message posted at 12/16/2010, 22:03:51 PM by Macmumma
I have uploaded the following image 17462672 and am waiting for approval. Hope it may work for you.   Image not available or id is incorrect.   
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Message posted at 12/17/2010, 06:38:47 AM by Mimnr1
Hi If you would be interested in generic building blocks, I can upload some, they are bigger than Lego, but still look good.

Let me know,



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Message posted at 12/17/2010, 06:41:52 AM by Mimnr1
To Petarneychev:

As you are an admin, maybe you know if there is any way to upload photos on request faster, than the regular uploads? Shall I put there any notes that the photo is on request to speed up reviewing proces?



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Message posted at 12/17/2010, 07:30:35 AM by Heywoody
Click on "email us" top left of the screen - there is an option for priority review and the response is very fast
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Message posted at 12/17/2010, 15:11:02 PM by Svanlaanen
Mimnr1 generic building blocks are OK as long as they are the smaller size (for older kids, not toddlers).

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Message posted at 12/19/2010, 07:46:01 AM by Brebca
Check if these could help:

   Small girl playing   

   Small girl playing   

   Playing with doll's house   
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Message posted at 12/20/2010, 12:42:53 PM by Svanlaanen
Brebca. the "lego" baby pictures are adorable!

The building blocks look the right size.

Older kids please, and perhaps building together with parents/grandparents, siblings, friends.

Keep the suggestions coming...

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Message posted at 02/06/2011, 04:12:59 AM by Piter77
Check this out:

   Cute little girl playing with blocks   

   Little girl shows blocks city   

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Message posted at 02/23/2011, 09:40:32 AM by Katherineerickson

I have a few more however this is the only one accepted into the database.
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Message posted at 03/07/2011, 10:07:01 AM by Gaja
I shot this for you, hope you can use it :)

 Child playing with building bricks 

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Message posted at 04/15/2011, 13:16:17 PM by Digitaldaisyza
I have posted 3 images that may be what you are looking for. They are under review and I will let you know if they are accepted. Thanks.

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