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My (almost) free lighting setup

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Message posted at 02/14/2011, 12:27:33 PM by Kringstad
New article posted: My (almost) free lighting setup
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Message posted at 02/14/2011, 13:29:30 PM by Zenpix
I would love to see the video but the link dosent work???
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Message posted at 02/14/2011, 14:59:05 PM by Helenlbuxton
The images are great, Alek ... I've been doing something similar with Ikea clip-on desk lamps, baking parchment & kitchen tin foil (no box as yet). For my speciality, though (food), I'm not always overjoyed with the results I get. I definitely prefer natural light (which also has its challenges!). Still, it's good to know that it's possible to get decent results with a bit of experimenting without spending the earth! All the best.
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Message posted at 02/14/2011, 15:18:04 PM by Kringstad
Oops sorry about that. It should work now
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Message posted at 02/14/2011, 17:06:05 PM by Egomezta
Thanks for sharing... it sure works well....
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Message posted at 02/14/2011, 21:14:46 PM by Cammeraydave
I Like it ! Thanks, Dave
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Message posted at 02/14/2011, 23:00:11 PM by Picstudio
Nice video.
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Message posted at 02/15/2011, 01:33:09 AM by Trottola
Thanks for sharing, your pictures are great!

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Message posted at 02/15/2011, 02:38:48 AM by Scottysally2
Thanks for sharing this, it worked well, your images turned out great. :)
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Message posted at 02/15/2011, 03:28:29 AM by smartview27
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Message posted at 02/15/2011, 08:45:53 AM by Sobek85
Great thanks for this
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Message posted at 02/15/2011, 10:26:30 AM by Mariaam - member is an admin
This is great! Thanks for sharing!
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Message posted at 02/15/2011, 13:13:18 PM by Kimson1972
..good ideas all the way..!..great...!
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Message posted at 02/16/2011, 07:24:40 AM by Joe1971
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Message posted at 02/16/2011, 10:41:30 AM by Kringstad
Wow. Thanks for all of the positive feedback everyone! Looks like my first blog is a success (542 views in about 40 hrs). I think I will continue to share my tips with everyone.
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Message posted at 02/19/2011, 03:41:31 AM by Yuritz
Agree on the results,looks like your pictures turned out well with it.
Congrats and thanks for sharing
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Message posted at 02/19/2011, 12:19:38 PM by Mjskehan
Awesome tip, thanks!
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Message posted at 02/21/2011, 11:52:05 AM by Igordabari
Could you tell: 1) What is bulb power? 2) What is appr. the box sizes? 3) What side of your parallelepiped serves as window for shooting: butt-end edge or one of the 'long' sides (excuse me for my non-perfect English)? 3) Video shows not only "daylight" bulbs but also some special p h o t o - lamps, or it is my mistake?

I like your idea much and would like to try it. Thanks for sharing!
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Message posted at 02/21/2011, 18:52:34 PM by Kringstad
The bulbs I was using are 13watt florescent bulbs which are equivalent to about 25 watt incandescent bulbs. The box in the video is about 1 foot (30cm) on each side. The front side may be a little wider. I place the subject in about the middle of the box and shoot from the open side with no fabric. The lamps I was using are no special lamps, they are just what I had around the house. Any kind of lamp that you can put a light bulb in will work.
I hope this helps and please respond if you have more questions. Thanks!
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Message posted at 02/21/2011, 19:18:39 PM by Uptall
thanks for share.
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