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Similar iimage question.

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Message posted at 11/10/2011, 08:43:19 AM by Nikon4004
I know we ahev all probably seen this at one time or anoter.

Too many photos/illustrations on the same subject or from the same series. Your submission should not duplicate content already in your portfolio or content which you plan to upload separately in the future (ie. collages based on your images). Please be more selective and choose only the best shots or illustrations. Avoid submitting simple variations on the same subject or duplicating content already in your portfolio (including from collages). You can create sets of similars (several shots included within the same image). That will help the file sell better and generate higher royalties via our level-based system.

Can someone explain it?

I uploaded 8 images of my grandson playing in and around an apple tree.

All we rejected for this reaon.

The only similarity was the tree and my grandson. Different shots, different actions, different expressions.

Am I better off making a collage and uiploading that way?

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Message posted at 11/10/2011, 08:48:49 AM by Nikitu - member is an admin
Questions such as this can only be answered by an admin. Please do not discuss rejections on the message boards but contact support instead.
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