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How to increase the sales of images with animals.

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Message posted at 12/18/2011, 09:49:39 AM by Banol2007
New article posted: How to increase the sales of images with animals.

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Message posted at 12/18/2011, 11:59:27 AM by Mariaam - member is an admin
Thanks for sharing! I wish you too Happy Holidays!!!
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Message posted at 12/18/2011, 14:49:53 PM by Olamojor
Nice blog I like it , nice images u have , happy new year for u and all dreamstime team.
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Message posted at 12/18/2011, 23:10:00 PM by FabioConcetta
Blog very interesting, congratulations on the choice of images!Happy holidays to all!
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Message posted at 12/19/2011, 01:12:21 AM by Linqong
Nice shots!I love animals.
I have some pet images in my portfolio.

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Message posted at 12/19/2011, 05:53:47 AM by Physi28
thanks for your interesting and helpful comments! However when you say that
" Photographer can increase sales by living the free space (copy space) for the text of designers. " I have to remind that there are (or there is a) some photo editors of DT who seem not to agree with that idea as they have refused some of my photos because "the client does not want to pay for empty space" I found out that it seems as there is no 100% agreement among the DT photo editors in that issue.
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Message posted at 12/19/2011, 06:23:54 AM by Joe1971
Thanks for sharing!
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Message posted at 12/19/2011, 14:44:04 PM by Laurasinelle
Thanks for sharing, great blog!
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Message posted at 12/19/2011, 21:41:46 PM by Banol2007
Re: Physi28. It is difficult to tell without your photo. Different agencies have different standards, any way we can appeal if disagree with editor. I did not have rejections for the ''copy space'' problem. Thank you wery mach for comment & interesting question. I think the blog for this topic with following discussion will be useful.

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Message posted at 02/17/2012, 06:41:16 AM by Djapart
thanks for the knowledge
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Message posted at 01/31/2013, 15:43:00 PM by Lenutaidi
Thank you very much for sharing,Banol2007!Is very useful!

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Message posted at 01/31/2013, 16:17:21 PM by BCritchley - member is an admin
A lot of rejections for bad space comes from a badly composed or isolated shot. The buyer does not require an isolated image of a tomato thats in the middle of a page with white space all around it, in this case its easy to add the space. Good copy space is sort of worked in to the composition of the whole shot and thus is not a waste of space.
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