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Featured photographer interview

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Message edited at 01/05/2012, 06:15:06 AM by Admin
It's every contributor's dream. It's thrilling, it's rewarding and it's on the front cover. You've guessed it, we're talking about the featured photographer position. One deserving contributor gets to be selected each week to proudly occupy the home page and we're all curious how they do it. Ever wondered what their photo secrets are, if they dye their hair, what camera tricks they can teach us, what their favorite food is, what magic tips they keep hidden up their sleeves? Well, here's your chance to ask.

We're planning a series of interviews with our featured photographers, both former and about to be, which we'll publish as blog articles. All aspiring contributors and any curious party for that matter are invited to join this thread and post the questions they would like to ask. They can be photography-related questions or not as long as they're common sense. Let's see how much these featured people are willing to let out of their baskets and what diet, camera, light, subjects, hair color etc can get us closer to that special spot, the front page.

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Message edited at 01/05/2012, 18:39:36 PM by Komar
Maybe you could ask them how much they saw their sales rise during the week they were featured.

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Message posted at 01/05/2012, 09:44:17 AM by Melonstone
Great idea.

Re questions: It would be interesting to know which is their favourite image from their own portfolio and why.....and which is their favourite DT image (from another contributor)...their favourite shooting location....their defining moment as a photographer (you know, when it clicks & comes together)....any scary photography unusual truth about themselves....the last silly thing they did that either scared them or made them laugh....the last lie they told!

Ooooohhh, the list the endless.

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Message posted at 01/05/2012, 14:20:54 PM by Splosh
Great idea, I think it will be very informative and inspirational for all of us who can only dream of being the featured photographer.
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Message posted at 01/05/2012, 16:29:27 PM by 19838623doug
Sounds great to me

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Message posted at 01/05/2012, 17:54:11 PM by Wisconsinart
Yeah, just WHAT is Yuri Arcurs diet...? :-)
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Message posted at 01/06/2012, 03:51:33 AM by Xiaofeng123

I would like to ask how to generate better sale on dt
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Message posted at 01/06/2012, 05:25:21 AM by Sorinus
When its my turn? :))))

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Message posted at 01/06/2012, 05:28:31 AM by TMarchev
Good idea :) DT is n1 :)

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Message posted at 01/06/2012, 05:29:40 AM by Carballo
great idea to promote the people, not only but also more devoted to fighting for a prominent
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Message posted at 01/06/2012, 08:42:47 AM by Micspix
Good Idea! It will make for interesting reading.

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Message posted at 01/06/2012, 12:21:40 PM by smartview27
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Message posted at 01/08/2012, 10:32:32 AM by Bhutri
It's going to be interesting.

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Message posted at 01/08/2012, 10:49:29 AM by Calyx22
I think this is a great idea. I'd like to know what images sell best, if they don't have a specific genre. And if they photoshop a lot of their work (I mean creating digital art and manipulations, not the standard tweaking). How often do they shoot? etc. etc. What fun!
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Message posted at 01/08/2012, 11:23:21 AM by Friday123
I think it will be very interesting. Good idea. Thanks.
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Message posted at 01/08/2012, 15:36:44 PM by Ewapix
Strategies for coming up with concepts? White background tips? Ewapix
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Message posted at 01/08/2012, 19:38:30 PM by Afagundes
Keyword strategies, post processing workflow.
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Message posted at 02/03/2012, 11:24:02 AM by Mercymercyme
Please, let's get it moving.

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Message posted at 02/03/2012, 11:46:00 AM by Mike2focus
It'd be great to get an insight into these successful photographer's source for creative inspiration! Where do they get their inspiration? What do they do when they get into a creative slump? Their inspiration can become our inspiration!
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Message posted at 02/03/2012, 15:01:54 PM by Nikon4004
Great idea.......

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