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Royalty-Free or P-EL verification

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Message posted at 03/06/2012, 08:15:18 AM by Annemariekell
Hi There

I am just toying with the idea of creating my own tarot deck and was thinking of using photos as well as photo-shopping them and adapting them, maybe blending two or three images together, i don't know if this is allowed i am a bit confused by the rules etc, eventually with a view to getting them printed and selling them on my site to my customers. which license do i need, and is there anything else i need to know, i don't know whether to try my hand at my own photos, or use something like this site.

any advice would be great

many thanks

Anne Marie

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Message posted at 03/06/2012, 08:22:21 AM by Nikitu - member is an admin
For such usage a print extended license is necessary given the fact that the image is great part of the final product.
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Message posted at 03/06/2012, 08:38:31 AM by Annemariekell
Thankyou Nikitu :)

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Message posted at 03/06/2012, 09:19:24 AM by Kenneystudios
Very interesting project. I would love to see some of the cards or even the entire deck once you are done, whether you use DT images or not. :)
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Message posted at 08/08/2014, 10:06:41 AM by Apkvale48
I recently purchased an image to use for the cover of my book. Do I need a print extended license for that & how do I obtain one?



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Message posted at 08/08/2014, 10:57:18 AM by Red
Is it an ebook or a printed book? How many copies? The license info is here - Stock Image Licenses

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Message posted at 08/08/2014, 16:10:16 PM by Apkvale48
Thanks for the link. I originally published it as an ebook, but recently contacted Bookbaby about doing a print version. Unfortunately, the artwork I used is not suitable for the print version, so I've been trying to come up with new art for the cover. I intend to order only 100 copies at first, hopefully more later. I thought I had purchased a royalty free image here on Dreamstime & had no idea about the extended license. Pity I'm not an artist as well as a writer, there would be fewer headaches.

Thanks again for the info.


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