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Levels update (2012 levels)

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Message posted at 04/26/2012, 09:03:25 AM by Achilles - member is an admin

Tomorrow we will be releasing the new price structure, the one we've been testing the last weeks. It distributes our collection in a more uniform way, giving a better chance to new files. They seem to get better and better, thanks to our talented contributors. Due to the high volume of submissions we felt that too many great files sell at a lower price point than elsewhere and this update will address that. The higher level files have seen a more modest increase, so we don't expect too many negative effects for buyers.

In short terms, what will happen starting tomorrow is that new files will be automatically allocated to level 1, instead of level 0. All existent files that have downloads will shift with one level up. New files (or existent files) that didn't sell for more than 24 months will be level 0.

In order to keep the royalties the same, we had to decrease them one per level. Because files went up one level they will actually bring you the same royalties, with the only drawback being that level 5 files have seen a cut. I hope this to be minimal though, thanks to the decrease in the number of downloads required (25 from 50d.). We have decided to keep the same royalties structure for subscriptions, as well as for exclusive contributors (you can apply for exclusivity here ;) ).

This change expects to bring an average of 15-20% increase in contributors revenue, with higher values for new or lower sized portfolios.

You've got another thing coming, enjoy!

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Message posted at 04/26/2012, 09:22:40 AM by Mirc3a
That's great ! :)
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Message posted at 04/26/2012, 09:43:52 AM by Neirfy
thank you for keeping us informed!

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Message posted at 04/26/2012, 10:00:14 AM by Picstudio
This is really great news.
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Message posted at 04/26/2012, 10:02:36 AM by Calyx22
Thank you so much! :)
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Message posted at 04/26/2012, 10:41:09 AM by Dmccale
Sounds good!!You all are the greatest
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Message posted at 04/26/2012, 10:54:14 AM by Kingstars11
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Message posted at 04/26/2012, 11:14:01 AM by BCritchley - member is an admin
Great news for all :-) I'm waiting with a tomato in hand for the first negative comment or toys being thrown from their pram..........
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Message posted at 04/26/2012, 11:25:08 AM by Szczepko

Originally posted by Achilles:
Quoted Message:

Nice to hear!
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Message posted at 04/26/2012, 11:26:18 AM by Luissantos84
how weird all comments are from exclusives :D
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Message posted at 04/26/2012, 11:47:02 AM by smartview27
Thanks .
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Message posted at 04/26/2012, 11:50:50 AM by Picsvet
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Message posted at 04/26/2012, 11:59:25 AM by Saap585
That is good news to hear (i guess!!!) Thanx for the update Achilles
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Message posted at 04/26/2012, 12:05:16 PM by Dark3y3s
This looks like a good change, giving better chances to new portfolios :) Hope it works well! Good job and thank you!
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Message posted at 04/26/2012, 12:20:00 PM by Sharpshot
I don't care how it's disguised, commission percentages are being cut again. I don't see that as good news. I think DT would be much better off keeping the commission percentages, giving us an incentive to upload new images here. Currently, I don't see the point if we are going to see lower commission percentages in the future.
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Message edited at 04/26/2012, 15:17:09 PM by Mocker
Sorry. My calculations were wrong.
My apologies
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Message posted at 04/26/2012, 12:44:34 PM by Komar
Hit me. I love it! Not like that, hit me harder, please!. Just hit me! You know I love it so!

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Message posted at 04/26/2012, 12:53:52 PM by BCritchley - member is an admin
Not sure I would call it a commission cut when my very average port has made $100.00 in 3 days with no EL sales, breaking my previous fastest time to $100 of about a week, does not feel like a cut and can only be the new system working well IMHO.
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Message posted at 04/26/2012, 13:00:09 PM by Gheburaseye
Uhm...very interesting! I hope it increases my selling ;)

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Message posted at 04/26/2012, 13:04:13 PM by AshleyNomad
I have to say it has been working out really well for me so far, a few nice surprises on sales and now I know why. good stuff.
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