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How do I upload vectors via FTP?

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Message posted at 04/29/2012, 19:28:15 PM by Moneca1
Hi guys I got an FTP program for my Mac, and was able to connect....How do I upload vectors via FTP? Do I upload the EPS, and JPG and where should I place them?

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Message edited at 04/30/2012, 17:12:26 PM by Maigi
There is a folder *additional* on your ftp account.
You should first upload jpg-s and then check their image ID-s here:
And then rename your eps files with corresponding numbers and upload them to the ftp account's *additional* folder.
Here you can find the description:
A little bit complicated. I prefer to submit jpg and then upload an additional format on the image submission page. Then you don't have to rename your eps files.
Hope it helps.
Good luck!
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Message posted at 10/20/2012, 08:55:59 AM by Mediterranean
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