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Photos of luxury interiors needed

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Message posted at 05/18/2012, 16:18:02 PM by Voguefabricsstore
I would like to see more photos of interiors that are rich with fabrics. Such as dining rooms with drapes, bedrooms with interesting fashion colors. Most of the interiors I am finding are stark, or the fabrics are traditional elegance instead of modern elegance. I sell fabrics and love to give ideas in my flyers for what people can make. Thank you.

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Message posted at 05/19/2012, 01:55:53 AM by Bobsphotography
Maybe this one will do:
   Luxury interior   
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Message edited at 05/21/2012, 09:39:45 AM by Admin
...or this one
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Thank you.

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Message posted at 05/19/2012, 07:32:43 AM by Voguefabricsstore
Thank you, but I am looking for something that emphasizes the fabrics more. For example, Puma330's shot, which has wonderful warm tones, would need to have drapes in the doorway. Or Bobsphotography's photo would need to be a close up of the green window with a table with layered tablecloth & topper. I am finding tons of fashion models with fabrics, but very few interiors that are fabric rich. Thank you for seeing the post and putting those photos. I will look to see what else you may have in your collections.

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Message posted at 05/20/2012, 04:26:22 AM by Puma330
Thx for the feed back, hope now it´s easier for other contributors to come up with proper images.

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Message posted at 05/20/2012, 09:32:04 AM by Yadamons
Wish you like this, Voguefabricsstore
Thank you very much.

   Home interior with curved steel   

and this

   Home interior with curved steel   
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Maybe, you'll choose my photos to your dinning room collection:


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Message edited at 05/21/2012, 16:24:21 PM by Enigmacypher
I don't currently have any of these, but I might be able to try for some. Do you have any examples of what you are thinking of? You mentioned modern interiors vs traditional. You also said you want images that show ideas of what people can make -- are you selling to professional designers or people that like do-it-yourself projects? Will this be an ongoing need that you have, or do you just need these images for a current project?

Here are a few I found on Dreamstime. Let us know how these fit with the types of images you are looking for.




   Dining room angle   

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Message posted at 05/22/2012, 00:31:06 AM by Saap585
Hi, is there any deadline to your request??? thnx
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Message posted at 05/22/2012, 13:57:57 PM by Voguefabricsstore
Yadamons - I think I will use one of these to promote a class on how to sew Roman Shades. Thank you!
Enigmacypher - Yes these are more like what I need. Thank you. I sell primarily to DIY in Chicago, so a mix of upscale settings and comfortable setting, but not a lot of country. The second and third photos would work. I produce a sale paper 5 times a year, and need one or two photos of interiors in each.
Saap585 This is on-going. No rush.

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Message edited at 05/22/2012, 22:02:42 PM by Starletdarlene
I have these and several others under my collections of Home Interiors

   Beautiful Living Room   
   Beautiful Living Room   
Link to my collection: Here

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Message edited at 05/23/2012, 13:13:09 PM by Artofphoto
Here's one of mine
 Classic living room 

I could take more photos of this room, if you need them

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Message posted at 05/23/2012, 13:22:08 PM by Voguefabricsstore
Starletdarlene & Artofphoto -- thank you. These are great. I have added some to my lightbox for future purchase. I appreciate the links!

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Message posted at 05/23/2012, 13:39:39 PM by Alvera
   Green children room   

   Bedroom hotel room   
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Message posted at 05/28/2012, 05:28:47 AM by Bluefern
   Modern living room   
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Message posted at 05/28/2012, 12:38:04 PM by Retina2020
Contemporary Elegance. Silk Drapes.

   Window Seat   
   Modern Livingroom   

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Message posted at 05/30/2012, 06:44:00 AM by Dgmate
   Bed room, Hearst castle   
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Message posted at 06/03/2012, 13:53:48 PM by Sarkao
   Luxury interior      Vintage bedroom      Vintage bedroom      Luxury bedroom      Luxury living room      Luxury living room   
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Message posted at 06/14/2012, 15:24:04 PM by Peanutroaster
   Romantic Bedroom   
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