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The raised art.

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Message posted at 06/13/2012, 09:57:42 AM by Dorvard
New article posted: The raised art.

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Message posted at 06/13/2012, 10:23:41 AM by BCritchley - member is an admin
I'm pretty sure that if you did not take these nor own the copyright then you are breaching DT / copyright rules by uploading them on here. They are not yours to sell and you have accepted DT's terms and conditions when you submitted the shots. Finding, restoring old shots does not give us the authority to offer them for sale.
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Message posted at 06/13/2012, 15:18:35 PM by TMarchev
Very nice!
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Message posted at 06/13/2012, 16:56:39 PM by Gmargittai
The fact that DT has these photos on the site is a proof that it is OK to post them. I don't think anybody believes that the second or third photo from this blog is original work of the photographer that has the account. Just like we do not pay royalties to Shakespeare whenever a play of his is played.

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Message edited at 06/13/2012, 19:51:51 PM by Wisconsinart
The fact that DT has these photos on the site is a proof that it is OK to post them

Not quite true. All the images shown except one are Editorial. The one that is not, it was uploaded several years ago when the rules were more lax. An Admin should change it to an editorial.
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Message posted at 06/14/2012, 02:49:37 AM by Verdelho
All should be editorial. Four of the images are.
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Message posted at 06/14/2012, 02:50:48 AM by Verdelho
Should have added. I think it's quite OK to bring life to old images in this new medium.
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Message posted at 06/14/2012, 07:03:14 AM by Martingraf
I reckon I wouldn't feel comfortable uploading not my own work and as BCritchley has already mentioned - it's breaching the DT rules which say they must be your own work - but I don't want to throw stones here, because I have no idea how many rules I have broken in my past as photographer - but nearly never on purpose! :)
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Message posted at 06/14/2012, 09:34:33 AM by Enigmacypher
Simply making these editorial is not enough. That might take care of the model release requirement, but my understanding is that a property release is still required stating that you are the only heir and owner of these images.

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Message posted at 06/14/2012, 09:51:28 AM by Chanevy
It isn't really a matter of opinion, it's a matter of law. I would definitely do some research on copyright law before I attempted to sell images under this theory. Copyrights do eventually expire, but they run a long time. And, since I am not an attorney, I am going to stop here :-)
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Message posted at 06/14/2012, 15:04:43 PM by Peanutroaster
Digital Millennium Copyright Act: Only photos take prior to January 1923 lapse from copyright protection and enter the public domain.
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Message posted at 06/15/2012, 11:57:37 AM by Egomezta
Wow, amazing images...
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Message posted at 06/15/2012, 13:53:51 PM by Sunguy
My grandmother was an early photographer who developed and printed her own pictures on the farm. Most of these are images from just after the turn of the century. I am the sole descendant and owner of these images and have posted and sold many on Dreamstime. I inquired about this before I did so and was informed there were two requirements. 1) I had to submit a property release stating I am the legal owner of the images and 2) I had to submit a model release for the person(s) even though they are deceased. The ones I have up are all posted as commercial.[imgl]22785284

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Message posted at 06/16/2012, 08:54:43 AM by FabioConcetta
Beautiful images in black and white!!!
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Message posted at 06/19/2012, 13:47:59 PM by Jdanne
How did you digitize these photos? Did you scan the negatives?
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