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Search Algorithm

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Message posted at 06/18/2012, 18:09:30 PM by Hugoht
For a while now I noticed that some of my best sellers, images with 30 and 40 sales have stopped selling.
Searching the titles of these images resulted in virtually nothing (I consider an image on page 18 as not discoverable)
Now I understand and I've read the forums, that images periodically shift around to enable new images to be discovered.
I can understand old images of mine with one or two sales vanishing from the radar.
But I don't understand how an image with 40 or even 30 sales can be moved all the way back.
That doesn't seem in the interest of the seller, the buyers and even DT.

I understand now why I have more images but my sales have not systematically increased and neither has my revenue over the last year.
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Message posted at 06/18/2012, 18:36:55 PM by Afagundes
Hugoht, they messed so many times with the search engine this last months, nobody knows what is happening with it now.

Of course, some loose, some others are gaining with that.

On my side, I noticed that subs almost disappeared, but I am earning some high values, the result is that the # of sales decreased, but the RPD increased, a lot.

Just that the RPD didnt increase enough to compensate, so I am having less earnings than before.

Now, I dont know if thats because of the search engine or is it DT itself that is not selling as much as in the past, who knows? There were a lot of discussion under the change of the subs plans in a few months ago, maybe those guys vanished from here.

BTW, my best sellers still sell sometimes, and the level 0´s and 1´s are the ones who sell most, level 2 and 3 are not selling, or almost not selling, maybe its a coincidence, but I think my portfolio is large enough to be possible to do some statistics.

I decided to do advertising in social media to see if sales come back not couting on DT search engine anymore.

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Message posted at 06/19/2012, 03:29:40 AM by Tangie - member is an admin
There was a problem a couple of months ago with the search algorithm but it was fixed. It works properly now.

The search engine algorithm is changed permanently to ensure everyone gets exposure, both old and new. You may see your images higher in searches at certain times while at others, they may be pushed a little backwards.

We are trying to be fair to all contributors so that all images get seen and have their fair chance of download. However, you need to keep in mind that there are very many contributors and we need to take very many factors into account.

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