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PhotoAdventure website critique please

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Message posted at 06/20/2012, 17:48:24 PM by Ortakcio
I appreciate your feedback on this website I designed. I am not a pro designer so don't expect too much... I am happy if it does not look cheezy and cheap.
Let me know your opinion and suggestions.
Much appreciated...

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Message posted at 06/21/2012, 16:01:14 PM by TMarchev
You can try to make new HTML5 web.. look my in profile:)

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Message posted at 06/21/2012, 23:24:30 PM by Wisconsinart
I thought it was pretty good but the actual information was not very good. Who is organizing the trip? What are the hotels you're staying at? It's probably fine for a small circle of people who know each other through a photography club or something like that but if it's meant for someone like me who might be interested in a photography tour, it tells me nothing in terms of details.

So... I like the design, as a potential customer, no way I'm going to sign up based on the information provided.
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Message posted at 06/22/2012, 15:03:40 PM by Ortakcio
Thanks Wisconsinart,
I will add more info about myself , that makes sense for people who do not know me. I think all itinerary and hotels info is there (under the details tab on the right).

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Message posted at 07/03/2012, 08:10:44 AM by Angelaostafichuk
Make sure you have feedback from previous customers as well as pictures of highlights from what you expect people to see.
You need more details!!! I travel a lot and I wouldn't go on this because I really don't know anything outside of where I am going.
Look at other websites and see how they are doing it!
Good luck!

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Message posted at 07/03/2012, 09:07:08 AM by Ortakcio
Hi Angela,
Thanks for checking it.
I have a feeling that you did not see the details. There is a menu on the right hand side (and an arrow pointing there saying "details").
Previous trip photos, detailed itinerary and a lot more are in there.

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