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Hey Hey.... I am new and confused!!!

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Message posted at 08/19/2012, 20:09:44 PM by Niguana
I am very excited I came across this site. I am an artist and sometimes when I have a commission to do, I travel to the place and take lots of pics. This is very timely and expensive,lol. So I am trying to get clear on this site. Can I use the photos for a reference to the painting I am doing?

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Message posted at 08/20/2012, 01:31:59 AM by Miraclemoments
Not quite would need to check the Terms and conditions.

Have a look on this link

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Message posted at 08/20/2012, 02:13:56 AM by Heathse
If I understand your question correctly, as long as you took the photos you can copy them anyway you like. If the photos were taken by someone else they belong to that person and they have the copyright, so you cannot 'copy' their work. Of course you might be able to get permission from the photographer if you sent them a message via the 'tools' box next to the image you want to copy. Hope that helps.
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Message posted at 08/20/2012, 06:21:53 AM by Ahmouud
hello welcome

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Message posted at 08/20/2012, 07:52:00 AM by Barbacane
Welcome aboard!

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Message posted at 08/20/2012, 15:21:12 PM by Rolmat - member is an admin
Hi, welcome to Dreamstime!

If I understood your question correctly, you intend to use your own photos as references for your paintings. If so, yes you are allowed to do so. Also, if you intend to submit any art piece (paintings, drawings, sketches, etc) please note that you will also have to fill in a Property Release document with a small photo of the reference photo/s.
Hope this clarifies your question. :)
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Message posted at 08/20/2012, 23:29:29 PM by TMarchev
Wellcome DT is good place for you!

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