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How was the August for you in DT?

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Message posted at 09/01/2012, 02:35:35 AM by Risto40

For me, the August was terrible this year. My sales fell over 65% compared to the August last year and -74% compared to previous month. I believe most of the huge drop in sales was the result of going non-exlusive in DT.

How was your August?

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Message posted at 09/01/2012, 03:07:04 AM by Roberto1977 - member is an admin

Not good for me. More sales (a lot of subs) but the same earnings of August 2011 (with 270 new uploads). The worst month of this year. Wake me up when September ends...
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Message posted at 09/01/2012, 03:16:13 AM by Grisho - member is an admin
BME for both sales and revenue. 70 % more revenue than last year's August, 10 % increase from last BME (June). Second highest RPD of $3.20.
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Message edited at 09/01/2012, 03:55:46 AM by Positiveflash
August was good for me. I had one less sale than the previous month, but I'm still averaging a sale a week. Also had my fist EL sale in August which put RPD at $3.78.

Excited to see what September brings.
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Message posted at 09/01/2012, 03:58:41 AM by Celiaak
I cannot compare to last year, I had 18 sales with a RPD 1.73 for a 300 images portfolio.
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Message posted at 09/01/2012, 04:46:33 AM by Goce
with 2938 images after a few years I met not to exceed $ 100 a month, I'm totally disappointed.
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Message edited at 09/01/2012, 12:19:56 PM by Pindiyath100
nothing compared to August last year however still happy for the fact that was able to have made it with three figures revenue with rpd 2.34 Many thanks to all the buyers and DT :)
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Message posted at 09/01/2012, 05:44:51 AM by Baldas1950
I cannot compare with last August because is only 15 months I am uploading images. Anyway this August is my second best month for sales and revenue.
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Message posted at 09/01/2012, 06:01:16 AM by Noodles73
pretty poor month and with a scary 10 days hole in the middle with no sales...

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Message posted at 09/01/2012, 06:04:10 AM by Clearvista
14 sales in August my best till then was 7 the previous month. RPD 1.67. So twice as many sales. I am very happy with that.
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Message posted at 09/01/2012, 06:44:38 AM by Dan1
added a couple files but no sales.
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Message posted at 09/01/2012, 07:19:28 AM by Bobbrooky
23 Sales in August, with an RPD of $1.27. But a large gap in the middle with no sales
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Message posted at 09/01/2012, 07:24:32 AM by Kartouchken
Bad month in August at DT. Let's hope September is much better

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Message posted at 09/01/2012, 08:05:43 AM by Afagundes
It was my 10th BME, lots of sales though, my RPD dropped way below average.
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Message posted at 09/01/2012, 08:54:40 AM by Bradcalkins
Best month since March for sales, 2nd worst month since March for revenue... Revenue actually pretty steady since March, though.
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Message posted at 09/01/2012, 12:09:45 PM by Janceluch
In terms of numbers August was "average" for me, -it slowly gets to normal after almost catastrophic July + June... let's see what promising September will bring...
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Message posted at 09/01/2012, 12:59:09 PM by Picstudio
50:50 for me not so good not so bad.
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Message posted at 09/01/2012, 13:18:41 PM by Mgkuijpers
Sales dropped -60% (!) while my portfolio grew +20% compared to August 2011.
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Message posted at 09/01/2012, 14:31:01 PM by Gbfoto
Average but a lot better than July. RPD of $2.29
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Message posted at 09/01/2012, 14:55:47 PM by Dieniti
I had some sales but worst RPD since month...
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