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5 million user milestone

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Message edited at 09/04/2012, 09:27:28 AM by Admin
We have recently welcomed our 5 millionth user to the community. Happy milestone to us and many more to come! There are well over 5 million members now (5,051,402 today) and we want to congratulate each and every one for making this community wonderful and special.

And speaking of community and our members, we have just noticed that two of our major contributors are closely disputing the 'top contributor' spot. Just a few hundred images separate Yuri Arcurs and Andresr. Interested parties can follow the clash of the two microstock titans on our Statistics page.

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Message posted at 09/04/2012, 11:38:00 AM by Lisafx
Congrats to the Dreamstime team! 5 Million users is amazing.

A shootout for the top spot - both worthy competitors!
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Message posted at 09/04/2012, 12:21:13 PM by Grisho - member is an admin
The big editorial players will soon occupy the first three places if they keep uploading 1500+ photos a month.
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Message posted at 09/04/2012, 12:47:12 PM by M4rio1979
Congratulations DT :)
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Message posted at 09/04/2012, 13:00:36 PM by Afagundes
Great news Tangie, congrats DT!
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Message posted at 09/04/2012, 13:53:34 PM by Kartouchken
I'm happy to be one of those 5 Million !!!!

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Message posted at 09/04/2012, 15:05:19 PM by Luisrsphoto
Congrats for the milestone
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Message posted at 09/04/2012, 22:12:12 PM by Tonnywu76
I am glad to be one of the 5 Million.
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Message edited at 09/05/2012, 00:26:05 AM by TMarchev
Congratulations :))) We are 5 milliooon:)
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Message posted at 09/05/2012, 04:24:57 AM by Splosh
Way to go DT!! A great site and a great community.

Now if only eveyone would bye one of my images, I don't mind if it is 5 mill sub sales :-)
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Message posted at 09/05/2012, 07:52:25 AM by Kapa1966
Congratulations DT
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Message posted at 09/05/2012, 08:09:09 AM by Mike2focus
Congrats DT and all the contributing photographers!!! I'm so proud to be a photo contributor here.
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Message posted at 09/06/2012, 00:07:50 AM by Grafoo
Congratulation to DT and all the Contributors part of the Great Community.
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Message posted at 09/06/2012, 02:06:02 AM by Cammeraydave
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Message posted at 09/06/2012, 06:40:39 AM by Yelo34
Cool! Congrats DT
Some interesting toys

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Message posted at 09/06/2012, 07:37:21 AM by Vwimage
Congrats DT & well done to all contributors :) Really happy to be part of it:)
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Message posted at 09/06/2012, 11:20:28 AM by Linqong
A great milestone!
Congrats DT!
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Message posted at 09/06/2012, 12:18:31 PM by Gwoeii
Woohoo.... Congrats ^)^
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Message posted at 09/07/2012, 12:30:41 PM by Maigi
So, does it mean, that wherever there is about 1400 people gathered together, there is at least one Dreamstimer among them?
Pretty cool...
Congratulations, Dreamstime!

 Happy people 
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Message posted at 09/08/2012, 18:28:03 PM by Dilla62
Congratulations dreamtimes :-)

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