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Photoshop Lightroom 4

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Message posted at 09/05/2012, 01:16:21 AM by Fishwater
New article posted: Photoshop Lightroom 4
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Message posted at 09/05/2012, 10:58:26 AM by Bradcalkins
Good analysis - I find Lightroom a very valuable tool as well. It is the primary software I use, only using Photoshop for more extensive work like cloning out a logo. It isn't free, but I highly recommend the LR4 tutorial video on Luminous Landscape
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Message posted at 09/05/2012, 14:35:57 PM by Sjsharksfan44
Very informative. I hope you write more soon!

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Message posted at 09/05/2012, 19:33:08 PM by Peanutroaster
Nice. Don't forget that L4 is non-destructive and includes a library mode for keeping track of all those photos.
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Message posted at 09/05/2012, 22:55:31 PM by Egomezta
Great, thanks for sharing.
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Message posted at 09/06/2012, 02:33:56 AM by FabioConcetta
Thanks for sharing, very useful!
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Message posted at 09/06/2012, 06:39:34 AM by Thanatonautii
I have thought in the last time about trying to use the L4 but I always had a doubt. Now, after reading your blog, I am gonna try it. There is nothing to lose, besides some hours of my time, but if everything is as many people say, I might probably win a lot! :)
Thanks for sharing!

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Message posted at 09/06/2012, 07:12:50 AM by Onime
I would like to try Photoshop Lightroom 4 :) Great blog, thanks for sharing.
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Message posted at 09/06/2012, 08:17:08 AM by Davesfreelancephotos
Yepp it's a great tool....I usually adjust the basics when shot in RAW with Canons DPP then the fine tuning is done by Lightroom....It's lightyears easier than Photoshop.
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Message posted at 09/06/2012, 08:21:32 AM by Fishwater
Peanutroaster mentions a couple of other benefits of LR4 as well. The non-destructive element is key to getting photos accepted with Dreamstime, as many buyers need photos they can manipulate after purchase... and if we've already squeezed everything out of every pixel they don't have much room to play around.
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Message posted at 09/06/2012, 08:25:38 AM by Fishwater
Also, Peanutroaster mentions organization... if you don't already have a clean and concise workflow LR4 can help with that, too. I recommend Scott Kelby's Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers. He shares his own workflow when using LR4 in a bonus chapter.
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Message posted at 09/07/2012, 00:43:14 AM by Martingraf
ok - you got me to the point to trial it - thank you - I'm only using the Canon RAW processing so far, so let us see if this is something for me :)
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Message posted at 09/09/2012, 17:48:27 PM by Thevegetable
thanks for sharing....

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Message posted at 09/10/2012, 08:29:14 AM by Anhong
Thanks for sharing!Very good experience! LR, I like to use a software.

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Message posted at 09/15/2012, 19:09:35 PM by Aconner114
Please help me. I 've been looking for 2 days for pictures to put in a book that I want to write for my mom and brother-in-law. My sister died 2 months ago and using I wanted to write this book using sketches of like a school, a home, afamily christmas, a birthday, her job...colored pencil or abstract art would work and I need about 40 warm,cute pictures - like a wedding picture but I do not want to use actural photos. Do you know where I can find this ??Please write back. 'Nita

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Message posted at 09/15/2012, 19:12:07 PM by Aconner114
Just so you understand I want to make 12 books for Christmas presents. This is totally for personal use. E-mail me back at
Any comment would be appreciated.

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