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New contributor from Sweden

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Message posted at 09/17/2012, 07:36:45 AM by Johanspinnell
Hi everyone!

Just uploaded my fisrst few images here. Hoping for the best.

I'm a professional photographer from Sweden.

So Do anyone want to share som tips?;)

if you're interested in my work, take a peek at my website

Have a nice day!

I use Canon cameras, 5d mk2/3 and the 500d (just becaus...

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Message posted at 09/17/2012, 13:35:22 PM by Angelsimon
Hi and welcome.
I have had a look to your gallery and your people images are wonderful and full of quality, Sure that you are a professional and I would say more: A very good professional. I think you will sell good here.
Good luck here.
I use to work with first line Nikon equipment.

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Message posted at 09/18/2012, 04:55:49 AM by Dudau - member is an admin
Welcome Johan! The key to success here is diversity. Well, quality too, but from what I can see, you don't have to worry about that :)

Try to upload as many different topics as you can, with just a few variations on the same subject. If a certain subject gets popular, you can focus on it and diversify your offer a little bit later. But at the beginning, select just a few of your best shots from each shooting and upload them, just to see how it goes.

If you get refusals and don't fully understand them, contact us by email and ask for more clarifications. Refusals usually help you to improve, not necessarily your photography, but your selling strategy on Dreamstime.

Good luck and, most important, have fun!
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Message posted at 09/18/2012, 06:21:49 AM by Yadamons
Your work very nice and website beautiful. Nice to meet you.
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Message posted at 09/18/2012, 07:00:55 AM by Johanspinnell
Thanks everyone for the positive vibe and info you're throwing at me.

Hope to get started for real now over the next days.

The forum seems like a nice place as well. Many threads looks like they actually are about the topic (not common on alot of other forums).

Well, hope it's more sun wherever you are roght now.
Stockholm is super grey!

I use Canon cameras, 5d mk2/3 and the 500d (just becaus...

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Message posted at 09/18/2012, 10:01:55 AM by Rccster
Välkommen Jonas! Absolut, forumet är ett bra sätt att komma in i matchen. Här kan man få många vettiga tips! Lycka till!

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Message posted at 09/18/2012, 10:05:25 AM by Rccster
beklagar, Joahn menade jag naturligtvis :)

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Message posted at 09/18/2012, 13:47:18 PM by Asakalaskas
Great work, welcome to Dreamstime!!
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Message posted at 09/18/2012, 14:36:26 PM by Jernej5m
Welcome to the club.
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Message posted at 09/18/2012, 16:04:05 PM by Treb999
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Message posted at 09/18/2012, 17:34:54 PM by Lfmpereira
Hi. Welcome. Keep uploading, and good luck to you. :)
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Message posted at 09/18/2012, 18:13:30 PM by Adeliepenguin
I look forward to watching your portfolio grow!! Welcome and good luck.
I checked out your website. Very nice-I like your style. My tip would be to review the message boards and blogs concerning how you title, describe and keyword your images. It really makes a difference with the search engine.
Currently my primary cameras are a Nikon D800 and a Fuji XT-...

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Message posted at 09/18/2012, 20:34:53 PM by Afagundes
Hi Johan, welcome to DT!
You will learn shat sells best along the road, for now, just upload a bit of everything and see where the wind blows.

PS: You have a great site with wonderful images, congrats
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Message posted at 09/19/2012, 08:55:25 AM by BCritchley - member is an admin
Welcome to Dreamstime, great pictures on your website, must be great being a pro photographer, an idea of have being toying with now for a while.

Just get your stuff on here with concepts as strong as your imagery and sales will fly in :)

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Message posted at 09/19/2012, 09:34:53 AM by Ninuscha
Hi, welcome to DT and good luck! I´m sure your pics will sell well.
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