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Please critique my portfolio/ I think I need to change it up...Thoughts?

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Message posted at 10/14/2012, 20:17:31 PM by Snookless
Hello fellow Dreamstimers!!
I have been a member since 2010 and only have a modest 178 photos and an even more modest sales count at 129.

I normally go out shooting for nothing in particular and then when I get a photo that I think has potential I upload it. I do not do much studio type shots and as you can see from my portfolio it is mostly nature/scenic.

However I feel I must change it up if I want to make more sales. I think that my photos are good but it is the subject that is not a great seller....( I "think" there good anyways )

Could you please critique my portfolio? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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Message posted at 10/14/2012, 23:30:34 PM by Wisconsinart
Your portfolio is full of images you enjoy doing as a photographer. Nothing wrong with that and don't stop doing it.

If you want more sales then you simply need to change gears once in a while and create stock-oriented images. The challenge for many is getting out of first gear.
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Message posted at 10/15/2012, 00:41:39 AM by Bradcalkins
In terms of stock I think you are on the right track with the computer repair, money for gold, and sandstone. The problem with the nice shots that you see while walking is that they don't fill any particular need of the buyers. You can get lucky, of course, and sell some of them, but thinking about what people need and filling that void is the path to sales... Or even better, find the images people don't even know they need yet :)
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Message posted at 10/15/2012, 05:28:22 AM by Bogdanzagan
wow, you sold some nature images like that spider... I have some macro pictures too but I think they will never sell... wonder how did you do it...
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Message posted at 10/15/2012, 14:29:30 PM by TMarchev
Yeah... good useful images... keep walking :)

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Message posted at 10/15/2012, 17:37:31 PM by Snookless
Thank you for your input, and indeed getting out of first gear is difficult.
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Message posted at 10/15/2012, 21:33:16 PM by Afagundes
Todd, just a small tip on the sunset at a beach in Natal, you should be more specific in the description and keywords, which beach?

The title Night in Brazil would be better as Night Skyline of Joao Pessoa, nobody will look for "night in brazil" thinking about that image...

Your portfolio is good, images have that punch thats good for selling,

The level sales is not that bad, you are here for two years and have almost one sale per image, that means something is in the right direction here.

If you work on your keywords (tree frog, least sandpiper, those titles wont help you sell), and upload a little more (178 images today get lost in the middle of the millions of images on the database) you will make your portfolio work better and have a better amount of sales per image.

Of course promoting your portfolio can also help, but I wont go there for the moment, you really need to check your keywords and upload more stock oriented images first.
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Message edited at 10/16/2012, 06:54:11 AM by Snookless
@ Afagundes,

Muito Obrigado. I see what you mean regarding the titles. I really appreciate your opinion.
Thank you.....and nice PF
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