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Model release

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Message posted at 11/17/2012, 21:43:31 PM by Dreams2reality
Hi Im looking to start uploading photos and some of them is of a friend dressed as santa. He is unrecognisable as himself so I was wondering if I still need to get a model release form filled by him for these?

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Message posted at 11/19/2012, 08:44:48 AM by Mike2focus
If the photos are of anything more than an isolated body part (like Santa's hand with a present in it), then, yes, you would need a Model Release. But, hey, if it's a friend can't you get him to sign a Model Release? Best of luck with the photos!!
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Message posted at 11/20/2012, 13:27:02 PM by Godfer
He would be able to recognize himself so it needs a release.
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Message posted at 11/21/2012, 01:27:37 AM by Dreams2reality
Thanks for your help :)

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