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Lens big aperture photo!

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Message posted at 11/22/2012, 02:16:32 AM by Hanbaoluan
New article posted: Lens big aperture photo!
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Message posted at 11/22/2012, 11:40:17 AM by Egomezta
GReat images, good luck.
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Message posted at 11/22/2012, 11:57:24 AM by Thanatonautii
Really good photos! I like the way the background looks!

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Message posted at 11/22/2012, 13:42:15 PM by Unteroffizier
There are a few things we can do to best throw the backdrop out of focus. If we do not have a fast lens, we can (1) select an angle of view where there are no distraction behind the subject i.e an open 'space' behind the subject, or (2) focus as close as possible with your lens to the subject, or (3) use the biggest aperture your lens have , or (4) if your lens is a zoom lens, try zooming to the furthest focal length to capture the subject. A combination of most or if possible all of the above mentioned should give a good OOF backdrop to your photo.
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Message posted at 11/22/2012, 15:25:30 PM by Laurasinelle
Great images!! Well done!
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