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At least, 100 photos online but only 12 sales.

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Message posted at 11/26/2012, 11:00:22 AM by Astormfr
I did it, 100 photos online. I am really happy with that.

Now I should continue to upload but also improve my pictures to improve my sales.

If you have any advice, you are welcome.

Here is my last uploaded picture:

   Cliff in Normandy coast in France   

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Message edited at 11/26/2012, 15:07:37 PM by Komar
Were most of the 100 online in recent months?

Your baby feet pics are great, but take out the keywords dad, mom, mother, parent and pregnant (IMO).

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Message posted at 11/26/2012, 15:21:21 PM by Nikon4004
Good images but need more people pictures. If you look ata lot of portfolios of people that are successful in ANY form of stock photography, the majority of images sold are people picsuts. Not saying that flowera dn objects DON;T sell, but there are so many of them available, you are lost. Get some friends to model for you.
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Message posted at 11/26/2012, 17:16:54 PM by Lisafx
Congrats on getting your 100th online. You have a great eye.

It's hard to be patient, but the sales will come. In a library of tens of millions of images, 100 is still a relatively small number. Keep up the good work and don't get discouraged :)
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Message posted at 11/26/2012, 22:37:48 PM by Angelaostafichuk
Yes, your pictures are beautiful. If you are living in France (which I am assuming) look at the culture, the food, the people...the things that make the country so bold and beautiful.

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Message posted at 11/27/2012, 00:57:59 AM by Mudplucker
As a contributor I can't help you out as i only have 18 photos and no sales, but as a photo buying customer I can tell you for me it was

A) Photos with people doing things like others mentioned

and B) FOOD !

Surprisingly i needed cups of coffee, a beautiful strawberry closeup AND I NEEDED A CHEAP PRICE to go with beautiful, that is why a new strawberry closeup will kick the dickens out of one with hundreds of sales that DT thinks is worth a level 5 price for even a super small. For a lot of us that is a total over-expenditure when you can get just as good at level 1..... So shoot the coffee, strawberries, apples, etc and especially on blown white backgrounds or isolated on white was best for me. I think a lot of others feel the same judging by the sales of those types. The owners of level 5 photos won't tell you this because you coming in with the same quality 5 times cheaper is a no-brainer for us little buyers. Subscriptions might work differently, but i pay by the photo......
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Message posted at 11/27/2012, 01:03:26 AM by Mudplucker
oh yeah, your photos are very nice. As a USA buyer, when I'm looking for France i'm searching names of places and buildings/attractions that i am familiar with and also wanting all types of street signs, car turning a corner in town with a blurred out license plate, French small town shots heading into town with houses visible on both sides of the street, etc

French cuisine like others mentioned too

Basically anything an American or fluent English speaking person could/would type in to search for....
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Message posted at 11/27/2012, 03:34:05 AM by Sangiorzboy - member is an admin
Your current portfolio is a good starting point.
In order to get it really working for you, you need to expand it. The ever-growing database is both demanding and rewarding, and i'm sure, just by checking on your present online images, that keeping submitting creative imagery at a constant pace will be rewarding for you.
It's a lot of work to do, but it's fun, pleasant and useful for others too.
My advice, if i may, is not to think about how many sales you have now, at 100 files online, but focus on getting your portfolio to, for example, over 2000 images, and i'm sure that won't be hard with your talent and variety of subjects available. Good luck!
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Message posted at 11/27/2012, 10:35:20 AM by Miketea
nice Photos, keep uploading
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Message posted at 11/27/2012, 12:17:56 PM by Wisconsinart
You don't need to improve your photography to get more sales.

You need to understand concepts. Send pictures of newborn baby feet to the mother-in-law. UPLOAD pictures of changing diaper, feeding baby, burping baby, baby in car seat...
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Message posted at 11/27/2012, 12:40:41 PM by Agaliza
Your photos are very nice, but I think a theme is coming across here...more people :-) Great advice for all of us at the lower end of downloads.

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Message posted at 11/27/2012, 13:17:00 PM by Astormfr
thanks you all for your support and help.

I do know that photso with people do sales but I must admit that I am not reality into this king of photo. I do not like working with a model. At least for the moment.

So thanks to you advices, I will work on food pictures and pictures from France.

Can you tell me what kind of "French photos" would you be looking for? As I am French, it is hard for me to understand what a foreigner may look for in "French photo". Please do not tell me Tour Eiffel, it is so common.

Mudplucker already starts to tell me what king of photo...
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Message posted at 11/27/2012, 14:08:25 PM by M4rio1979
Congratulations on your first 100 images. Sales will start to come, don't worry ;)
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Message posted at 11/28/2012, 08:03:41 AM by Lisafx
FWIW, I don't know that more people is the answer anymore. The category of people/lifestyle is the most saturated in stock. Fierce competition from top pros.

I think your niche is good one and you should keep developing it, but you need to incorporate more concepts. Pick up a couple of travel mags - what types of concepts are they featuring? Transportation? Lodging? Local cuisine? Festivals? Attractions? Currency?
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Message posted at 11/28/2012, 08:30:11 AM by Red
I agree on the "people" thing - I can't imagine not being able to find an existing people shot for most uses. We sure don't need any additional smiling business people, smiling customer service workers or people working on their laptops. Babies and happy couples is a category that is saturated too. People doing things is another story, especially people engaged in everyday activities. People are not my forte. I would take advantage of the new category of mobile phone or mobile phone look photos while they are a new category here. Get in at the beginning and you might have some success until the fad changes.

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Message posted at 11/28/2012, 10:41:59 AM by Dplum
looks like a good portfolio, just keep adding new pictures. i am in the same boat with my portfolio.
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Message posted at 11/28/2012, 11:55:34 AM by Peanutroaster
500 is the new 100. 12 sales from 100 for a newbie ain't bad. It takes a while to get the images in database and moving around. You just have to keep uploading good, sellable stuff.
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Message posted at 11/28/2012, 18:06:59 PM by Retina2020
Take a look at this blog. It may help.

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Message posted at 11/29/2012, 02:49:37 AM by Astormfr
thanks all for you help once again.

I hope to post soon 500pic online :-)
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Message posted at 11/29/2012, 16:47:22 PM by Lfmpereira
You have very good photos. You will start selling more and more photos, i know. :) Good luck to you and congratulations.
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