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Need images of women with t-shirts. (preferably black/african american)


I'm designing a website for a client of mine and we will need these images of women to complement her site. Since it's the niche she's catering her shirt products to, these images will best represent what she's trying to sell / blog about.

I've seen a few images i like on dreamstime and I'll keep looking for more but any suggestions and images here would be much appreciated.

Posted: 12/07/2012, 03:44:14 AM
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what's the niche? what type of t-shirts, color, style? more info you can provide better the results you will get.


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Posted: 12/07/2012, 08:46:38 AM
hey brett,

it's for a community of women with locs, braids, twists, afros, natural hair, etc.

she'll be selling tshirts on there.

here's a couple of images i found that fit the mold perfectly:

Posted: 12/07/2012, 17:04:22 PM
Are these any use to you or is the girl too young? 
   Pretty afro teen   
 Young black girl   
   Heart shape kid      African descent child   
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Posted: 12/10/2012, 10:39:40 AM
hey thanks godfer,

I'll show her those and ask if that's ok.
Posted: 12/10/2012, 10:47:52 AM

Originally posted by Jimo2305:
Quoted Message: hey thanks godfer,I`ll show her those and ask if that`s ok.

Pleasure :D
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Posted: 12/13/2012, 07:10:11 AM