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Exclusive, to be or not to be?

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Message posted at 12/07/2012, 16:03:27 PM by Jackbluee
New article posted: Exclusive, to be or not to be?

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Message posted at 12/07/2012, 17:33:25 PM by Davidwatmough
A very fair assessment.................... but the feedback from Editors is more valuable than gold if you don't get upset..................... sometimes I disagree but generally just accept their view.

If you examine the current assignment approved images........ you'll probably think some are rubbish not as good as yours........... that's where subjectivity comes into image assessment. David
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Message posted at 12/07/2012, 19:10:05 PM by Chanevy
I agree with David. The feedback here is great.
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Message posted at 12/07/2012, 19:21:44 PM by Jackbluee
DT accepts more variety of images too. It gives you more freedom to take whatever you like. Thank you!

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Message posted at 12/07/2012, 20:28:09 PM by Egomezta
COngratulations for your desicion, enjoy the benefits of being exclusive.
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Message posted at 12/07/2012, 20:47:51 PM by Gheburaseye
I'm exclusive and I think this is a good choise ;)
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Message posted at 12/08/2012, 00:50:04 AM by M4rio1979
I think your sales will boost up if you go have 425 images online and that is good potential to go exclusive and increase your sales. Just my opinion.
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Message posted at 12/08/2012, 02:45:04 AM by Marianvejcik
Well explained exclusive here to DT. I also exclusive. :-)
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Message edited at 12/08/2012, 04:06:30 AM by Vincentho
Actually, one of the main reasons for me to be exclusive is that I don't want my images to be scattered widely, I simply like micro managing of my own stuff.

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Message posted at 12/08/2012, 05:49:04 AM by Midou3
I agree with you in most of the arguments... as an "soft" option to the exclusive member there is a possibility to mark the pictures to be exclusive for this site. It gives me more flexibility for the time being.
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Message posted at 12/08/2012, 06:54:31 AM by Lenutaidi
To be!

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Message posted at 12/08/2012, 09:16:07 AM by Clearvista
I agree with everything you say about this site. I am sure you will make more sales now you are exclusive. All the best for the future here.
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Message posted at 12/08/2012, 10:23:10 AM by Fainastock02
What you are saying is exactly the same reason why I decided to become a exclusive photographer for Dreamstime. There are some good stock agencies, but some are very slow with approving photo's. Also the personal management of my photos is very annoying. At some agencies a good photo that has been sold many times is not accepted on another site. Also the conditions of DT for becoming a exclusive member are in my opinion very good. You get good payment.
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Message posted at 12/08/2012, 14:26:02 PM by Miraclemoments
I went exclusive as I just don't have the time to upload to all the other agencies as well. DT pays well for exclusive contributors. I am happy here....
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Message posted at 12/08/2012, 16:52:54 PM by BCritchley - member is an admin
No complaints here about being exclusive.

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Message posted at 12/08/2012, 22:22:35 PM by Customposterdesigns
I just hit 50 this week. DT is very easy to work with. I am considering being exclusive. If another agency charges less for your image, would I be discounting my own work? Just a thought.
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Message posted at 12/11/2012, 09:53:37 AM by Jackbluee
Thank you very much! You are very helpful!

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