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2012 in review

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Message posted at 01/04/2013, 04:10:07 AM by Tangie - member is an admin
New article posted: 2012 in review

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Message posted at 01/06/2013, 08:55:09 AM by Mike2focus
Thanks for writing. It was an enjoyable read! Happy New Year to you, Carmen and all of the DT staff.
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Message posted at 01/06/2013, 20:23:56 PM by Chimeandsense
Happy New Year to you Carmen, and thank you for including one of my images in your blog

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Message posted at 01/06/2013, 21:12:58 PM by Starletdarlene
It will be interesting to see what 2013 will bring. I think we are in for exciting times.

Carmen, Thank you for including one of my images in your blog. And I hope you have been able to start your travels around the world?


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Message posted at 01/08/2013, 09:50:21 AM by BCritchley - member is an admin
Happy New Year :) are we going to see an article on the 2012 best sellers, most searched for etc? Would be great to keep up with the trends :)
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Message posted at 01/12/2013, 19:07:35 PM by Thevegetable
happy new year..
wowoww .. there is a club that I admire is written here :)
leo is incredible, balloons de oro did he get .. :)

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Message posted at 01/28/2013, 09:06:36 AM by Wordplanet
Happy New Year!
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Message posted at 02/07/2013, 00:07:47 AM by Keremgo
Nice review!...

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Message posted at 02/11/2013, 23:21:12 PM by Kirkmichael
year 2012 was a crucial year for America as presidential election happened and many things happened in that year but for me it was a nice year.
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Message posted at 07/31/2013, 20:46:15 PM by Cammeraydave
Thanks Carmen, 2012 seems like a blur now !
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