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To make money!

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Message posted at 01/04/2013, 10:31:01 AM by Jackbluee
New article posted: To make money!

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Message posted at 01/04/2013, 21:36:21 PM by Egomezta
You need to upload many more images to start seeing results here. Don't be dissapointed.
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Message posted at 01/04/2013, 21:56:19 PM by Peanutroaster
What are you waiting for? Go for it.
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Message posted at 01/04/2013, 21:56:51 PM by Embe2006
I think that the lack of sales is a hot topic amongst people that have a lack of sales...
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Message posted at 01/05/2013, 02:14:33 AM by Hanbaoluan
Feel here to make money and pay is not proportional, often pay labor than earn money big dozens of times, so it is difficult to make money in DT! . Here just hobby photography, recreational entertainment.
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Message posted at 01/05/2013, 03:12:22 AM by BCritchley - member is an admin
Funny how the lack of sales and or money is always the agencies fault lol. Go to the greener grass and make thousands from a few sales.
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Message posted at 01/05/2013, 18:44:23 PM by Bradcalkins
There is room for both! Tell us if the grass is still greener after you've been in the field for a while :)
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Message posted at 01/08/2013, 19:33:51 PM by Solidsdman
All agencies are seeing a decrease in sales. Those agencies that developed a department store approach are seeing less sales due to unsustainably high price points. Also, very few professional photographers make a few hundred dollars per sale. That's the exception. The average is much less. Don't worry about others, just continue to build your own portfolio and be happy with your earnings. My sales are consistent because I add to my portfolio regularly.
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Message posted at 01/08/2013, 23:27:12 PM by Jackbluee
Thank you all for your opinions and advises!

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