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need photos for a home renovation website

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Message posted at 01/08/2013, 21:39:37 PM by Farsonjohn8
looking for free downloads of pictures for business website. needs to do with home renovation, home improvement or related items. Must me 250 megapixels x 250 megapixels, color, need 5 different photos.

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Message posted at 01/09/2013, 01:46:18 AM by Yadamons
Wish you like this, my collection "Art and Architecture decoration".

   Out door restaurant with wood dining table   
Nikon D90, Nikor 16-85 VR, Nikor 80-200 AFD, Nikor 50 f/1.8

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Message posted at 01/09/2013, 07:55:31 AM by Unteroffizier
Check these out and see if they are suited for your usage.

 Bedroom Decor 
 Blue Windows 
 Common Bathroom 
 Vacant Bird House 
 An Apartment Living Room 
Entry level digital SLR cameras and lenses.

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Message posted at 01/09/2013, 10:49:41 AM by Miraclemoments
Canon 60D I AM A SIGMA AMBASSADOR Sigma 8-16 f4.5-5....

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Message posted at 01/09/2013, 12:00:33 PM by AGLphotoproductions
do you need 250 megapix for a website ? i think you mean 250 pix x 250 pix

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Message edited at 01/14/2013, 11:24:07 AM by Photomo
   New house   
Here you go
EOS 650D | Efs 18-55 IS | Efs 50-250 IS | Samyang 8mm CS II ...

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Message posted at 01/14/2013, 14:57:43 PM by Karenfoleyphotography
If you are looking for FREE images check out dreamstime Free Site.

The responses you'll get here are most likely to SELL you royalty free images

Hope that helps, K-

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