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Many,many views but not even sale....

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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 00:38:15 AM by Lenutaidi
New article posted: Many,many views but not even sale....

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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 01:18:14 AM by Embe2006
I like the pictures, but I don't think there is much demand there for this type of subject. I would leave them up online as they are technically well done and if I ever do need a lion picture, I'll know where to find it. ;)
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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 02:16:56 AM by Lenutaidi
Jackbluee,me too I do not like many of your photos (I like to be honest with you).My issue is another:Many views but not even sales.And remember here is a stock photography website, not art.I not asked you if you like my photo or not.I asked for an opinion here opposite of what say a professional photographer stock photography about my dilemma and not only(remove from the site,let,remove on the free section or patience another year-2013).Please do not take it personally,but I do not think you're a professional photographer.A professional photographer would have told me to try to use in my pictures Photoshop for greater success in sales.And do not forget,Jackbluee that DT is a friendly community stock photography.Accept any critical made ​​by a professional photographer.I'm not a professional.You are?Thank you!

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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 02:32:32 AM by Robinstockphotos
Look, the above photos have good potential I guess.
I'd like to point out two MAJOR mistakes in the above photos:
1. Your title and keywords aren't really talking about what is in the picture. I'm surprised your keywords don't have the word "cub"! How would a buyer even find it? You're actually attracting wrong buyers. For example don't put "stock" word in there! Someone looking for "stock market" would land into your photos and take a look out of curiosity and then leave. That's how you get only views and no downloads. Someone looking for "cub kitten playing" might not get it as you don't have "cub" or "playing" in keywords. Think like a buyer and avoid "stock", "photo", etc words in general images.
2. If I was there I'd NEVER have shot the above photos this way. The light appears to be behind the subject and darkens it's face while overexposing the fur (body outline). If you turned the animal the other way round so that it faced the sun, you'd have got excellent and professional shots.
Did you use fill flash in the photos? You could have. It would have brightened up the face a bit.
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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 02:38:38 AM by Robinstockphotos
ISO 400 and exposure 1/1000 is also REALLY strange. I'd stick to ISO100 in a lighting condition like this. You have enough light and anything like 1/200 should be enough. 1/1000 is for birds in flight. A cub can't possibly move that vigorously so 1/250 should have been great.

Tried increasing vibrance/master saturation in Photoshop? Make one of them about +8 for vivid colors if you shot in RAW.

I'm new here...3 months or something, so can't tell much about what brings sales but I concentrate on a very colorful port.
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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 02:38:59 AM by Lenutaidi
Pratik2440new, thank you very much for your opinion!Is very useful!!Thank you! Also thank you for feedback, Embe2006!!

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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 03:01:28 AM by Verdelho
To be brutally honest the photos of the cubs are not stock type images. The fish however is IMO but with a bit more of the water around the subject to allow of any additions a buyer might want eg. text. This is a good Mage IMO.

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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 07:23:49 AM by Drobacphoto
Well, your photos with lions don`t have big commercial value, and you just have to be patient. Don`t remove them from the site!

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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 08:05:35 AM by Dolechen
Keep that fish.
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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 09:17:04 AM by Banol2007
Dear Lenutaidi, do not be sad. Market is market and competition is very high! Your pictures are really beautiful but it is not enough to be good stock product. I would like to make some suggestions. The 1st image has reflection (?) on the left- upper part. If you can correct it, add same copy space & replace the image. On the 3rd – cat is covered by grass. Remove grass or cat & upload. Images 2, 4, 5 – free section (IMO). But I had suddenly sales when decided to shift images to the free section! Photo-market is unpredictable!
Have a look I hope it can help. Good luck and have a lot of sales!

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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 12:44:30 PM by Wisconsinart
Have you looked at similar images with many sales?

Submitting images with low commercial potential is an issue of itself, but when you do submit those types of images, you have to be better than the competition.
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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 13:07:00 PM by Chanevy
The fish is a beautiful shot! The shots of the lion club are technically well-done but wild life is a very competitive niche. Think of how your pictures will look as thumbnails on the page as a buyer makes selections, you want them to grab attention, but not look over-processed. Also think of how you are framing your images. See how the ears and top of head are cut off in one picture and the tail and back of the body in another? A designer can easily crop this way, but cannot easily recover those details, so they may move onto another image. I like the way you have avoided the subject dead center composition in most of these and your use of light. Good luck to you.
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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 13:36:44 PM by Lenutaidi
Hey,Jackbluee my portfolio is more beautiful than yours, even if you have more sales than me.Snapshoot in supermarket anyone can do.Don't worry,Jackbluee,by happy!Do not take life so seriously, be more relaxed.Our work here ultimately is just a hobby for as long as we are not some professional photographers.I don't attack you!I wish you many sales as further!I repeat for you: my question is very clear and you're the only one here who did not understand.Remove from the site,let them another year or remove on free section?Was sufficiently carefully read the few words of my blog and be more calm.You can be friendly.Thank you!

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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 13:46:10 PM by Lenutaidi
Thank you very much all for your advice, opinions and critiques!I have a lot to learn about stock photo.Thank you, even you, Jackbluee!I wish you all the best and many,many sales!

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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 14:33:06 PM by Robinstockphotos
Well sales would go up for everyone. Just spend time studying the market too. Professionals can shoot and earn but you can too. The only difference between the big ones and us is that we lack experience. NEVER ever believe you're perfect. And don't believe you're bad either. I've seen people here with about 44 sales/upload.
We're just starting out. Fighting at this stage would be like "I scored 12/100 and you scored 11/100 so I'm much better!"
So forget about conflicting opinions and just learn how the other guy got those 11/100 so that your next score is higher. Why learn how to lose 89/100?
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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 15:08:22 PM by Miraclemoments
Almost thought of getting a coke and popcorn to watch the fight...hahahaahah
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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 17:46:20 PM by Gheburaseye
let them here, it's better! Some images may take time to be sold!
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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 18:30:17 PM by Solidsdman
The fish is a great shot. I'd add some additional keywords describing what kind of fish it is, both the Latin name and the English name. If someone was looking for a photo of that particular fish, they'd never find yours.
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Message posted at 01/14/2013, 01:15:21 AM by Robinstockphotos
Yeah, but post all names you can find. Even local names you know of....because sometimes people might search for local names too. When I have to find the latin name of something I upload I search with local names to find them out. A buyer might do that too. I believe very few people would look for a particular fish species unless they are dead serious biology studying guys.

Well Miraclemoments, you're turning into a devil. Lol
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Message posted at 01/14/2013, 03:28:05 AM by Baldas1950
I agree with many of the previous comments that recommend to improve the keywords. It seem to me that the illumination of the subject is not good, in fact the lion is lit from behind but the cat is not lit at all.
I had to look very carefully to the picture before I realized the presence of the cat!!

In my opinion also more pictures of the same subject too similar do not increase sales and the number of views is not always related to the number of sales. I also have some pictures (even though I think they are good, like your fish) with a lot of views and 0 sales.
These photos, however, are on line for only a year. I think it is a period too short to establish whether it is convenient or not to remove the photos.
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