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Only 2 sales since 1 January ?

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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 10:31:41 AM by Raytags

I have sold only 2 images since 1 January.

normally over 30 images was sold.

Do you have the same problems or the site is down.

Thanks for this infos. Ray
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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 12:07:09 PM by Miraclemoments
Hey Ray....Been very quiet on my side as well....not sure what is going on. Had three sales since start of Jan after averaging around a 15 for the last 4 months. I am sure it will pick up soon
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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 14:22:47 PM by Robinstockphotos
Dreamstime is better than the lower ones and close to the top ones. I'm sure some day this site would be very attractive to both contributors and buyers. The policies seem to favor us in many ways. So I guess we all just gotta hang on? Things can't probably go down too much when they have been better before.
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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 15:36:52 PM by Libux77
I confirm a real slow start

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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 17:15:12 PM by Dreamzdesigner
Same here very slow sales... But January was my WME on all 5 yrs here ;)

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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 18:13:43 PM by Kartouchken
Let's hope the second half of January is better

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Message posted at 01/13/2013, 18:14:22 PM by Dudau - member is an admin
Hi, please refer to sales and trends at the end of the month. Comparing just a few days or half of a month doesn't have any relevance. You can see in your stats that we also have a quarterly comparison, that's the most relevant statistic.
This thread will be closed, and I hope you'll come back in the thread about sales with better numbers at the end of the month.
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