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Stock photography heightens your senses

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Message posted at 01/15/2013, 11:05:36 AM by Bradcalkins
New article posted: Stock photography heightens your senses
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Message posted at 01/15/2013, 13:59:23 PM by Clearvista
Yes very true, I now notice a lot more than I used to, not just looking for the next "shot" but have got into the habit of opening my eyes. My wife says I am like an old crow, with my head bobbing in each direction as I proceed, I am sure it is a term of endearment. Fantastic shots of the snow flakes.
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Message posted at 01/15/2013, 14:44:53 PM by Elifranssens
Well said... and very true. You just get used to looking at everything around you all the time. In particular the light... how amazed I can be sometimes when the light is just so perfect.
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Message posted at 01/15/2013, 15:51:23 PM by Davidwatmough
I also found soon after starting stock photography [ maybe before ] that everywhere lies beauty, and gives many many creative opportunities. Visiting the same place twice or three times or more is never boring............. only to dumb uneducated minds. David.
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Message posted at 01/16/2013, 09:11:43 AM by Zenonk
Thanks for shearing
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Message posted at 01/16/2013, 11:37:37 AM by BCritchley - member is an admin
Really great capture Brad :)
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Message posted at 01/16/2013, 11:44:48 AM by Bradcalkins
Thanks Brett, Zenonk and Clearvista :)

@David - kids help force us to notice things we haven't paid attention to in a long time, but I agree that we can change our own minds and keep ourselves noticing ! Curiosity is one of the best character traits you can possess.
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Message posted at 01/16/2013, 12:06:11 PM by Miraclemoments
Ditto Brad...I find myself looking for stock all over the place...still need a lot of practice but it sure does make you more aware of things around you.
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Message posted at 01/16/2013, 13:58:24 PM by Egomezta
You're totally right... thanks for sharing.
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Message posted at 01/22/2013, 06:56:13 AM by Suyerry
So cool, great shot!
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Message posted at 01/22/2013, 07:13:24 AM by Peanutroaster
So true. It also give you a push to shoot more and be constantly scanning for images that you might have otherwise walked past.
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Message posted at 01/22/2013, 13:37:49 PM by Iwhitwo
Well said Brad and cool snowflake image.
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Message posted at 01/22/2013, 15:30:06 PM by Alvera
Driving and looking for "interesting snowflakes on the window of the car" is very dangerous. :-)
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Message posted at 01/23/2013, 01:21:52 AM by Hunor83
Thanx for sharing!!!

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Message posted at 01/23/2013, 01:34:16 AM by Achilles - member is an admin
At first they were rolling their eyes as Dad took yet another photo True story :)

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Message posted at 01/26/2013, 01:44:06 AM by Lenutaidi
Cool...!Thanks for sharing!

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