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First Uploads from China

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Message posted at 01/22/2013, 03:44:24 AM by Jdanne
New article posted: First Uploads from China
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Message posted at 01/22/2013, 05:31:22 AM by Miraclemoments
Lovely set of images...wonderful colours and vibrant
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Message posted at 01/22/2013, 06:42:55 AM by FabioConcetta
You have made an excellent job Joerg, congratulations for textures or backgrounds, I think it will sell a lot, a greeting! Fabio.
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Message posted at 01/22/2013, 06:44:18 AM by Unteroffizier
I checked the first 2 photos' details and seems like they were taken on early January. February is usually the lunar new year month and maybe you should be seeing this fesitval's related decorations over at China.
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Message posted at 01/22/2013, 07:12:22 AM by Baldas1950
Wonderful set of images! I also hope to visit China one time in the future.
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Message posted at 01/22/2013, 12:48:34 PM by Rigsby8131
Nice images!!!
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Message posted at 01/22/2013, 18:58:44 PM by Jdanne
Thank you very much to all of you!

Unteroffizier: Chinese New Year festival starts at the 10th February. During this time more or less the whole country (around 1.35 billion people) is on vacation. That's a very tough time to travel!
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Message posted at 01/22/2013, 19:19:59 PM by Egomezta
Congratulations, great images.
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Message posted at 01/22/2013, 21:10:23 PM by Dolechen
Oh did you go to Kunming? Really nice picture, I hope you have fun in China and take more beautiful picture of my country :)
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Message posted at 01/23/2013, 03:00:27 AM by Chainat
Beautiful Images
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Message posted at 01/23/2013, 04:31:06 AM by Lejoch
Congrats, beautiful shots!
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Message posted at 01/24/2013, 01:22:00 AM by Hanbaoluan
Thank you for your share! I am a DT from China shaanxi friend, hope you to shaanxi tourism.
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Message posted at 01/24/2013, 14:11:47 PM by Thanatonautii
Very nice country indeed! I really hope that one day I will be able to visit it ! Thanks for sharing!

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Message posted at 06/30/2013, 08:33:06 AM by Linqong
Nice shots!Welcome to China!
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Message posted at 08/29/2013, 17:18:25 PM by Edosaodaro
Great shots!
I recently visited the great republic myself...
First time over there... Absolutely amazing!
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Message posted at 08/29/2013, 21:04:50 PM by Angelaostafichuk
Excellent pics! I was just in Kunming as well but also travelled around the province as well. China is a truly amazing country and incredibly diverse...with some great photo ops. However it's not an easy place for some. This is my second time here on as many years and Im still trying to get the hang of things...

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