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What contributors do you LIKE?

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Message edited at 03/24/2013, 02:38:29 AM by Admin
As you may have noticed, there is a Facebook Like button on each contributor's profile.

We come from many different places of the world and probably we're not connected on Facebook. It would be interesting to know what photographers or illustrators do you Like and why?

I'll go first: I just liked Afxhome for his insane flying drivers series. Check his portfolio, it's great!

So, which contributors have you LIKED lately?

Make sure to click the FB Like link on their profile page, then post your thoughts here.
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Ateliersommerland for all the magic in that portfolio.
Wish I was THAT talented. :)
   Steampunk Lady   
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I like many contributors' portfolios around here, but one of the first ones that I noticed is Michael Norton
Amazing landscapes shot on slide - these colors can't be reproduced by digital cameras yet. :)

   Leaves & Cracked Dirt   
Sharp eyes, opened mind, two cameras, paper, pen, books, mus...

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Message edited at 02/15/2013, 05:10:46 AM by Parkinsonsniper
As I'm not a regular social media user, I didn' ever think of "like"ing anyone before, but now that you made me remember the power of "sharing", I liked some of my favorite contributors here. Some of them are my friends, some of them are really great photographers.

I think that "like" button is way too small, maybe you should add some more like G+, Twitter etc and in a more visible way...just an opinion.
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One of my favorite illustrator is Agau
I like her childish and cute style    Farm animals   
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Message posted at 02/15/2013, 06:16:42 AM by Francy874 - member is an admin
It is hard for me to decide because there are many talented contributors here :-) But she is immediately jumped into my mind Unholyvault.
Congratulations for your beautiful fantasy and magical worlds!

   Fantasy fairy mushrooms   

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Message posted at 02/15/2013, 09:14:25 AM by Godfer

Originally posted by Francy874:
Quoted Message: It is hard for me to decide because there are many talented contributors here :-) But she is immediately jumped into my mind Unholyvault.Congratulations for your beautiful fantasy and magical worlds!   Fantasy fairy mushrooms   

Wow what an incredible portfolio.!!!
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Message posted at 02/15/2013, 10:35:07 AM by Catarii - member is an admin
One of my favorite users (and that I like very much) is Antrey. He makes funny images with ants characters.
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Message edited at 02/15/2013, 13:51:52 PM by Teabum

Originally posted by Nikitu:
Quoted Message: Ateliersommerland for all the magic in that portfolio.Wish I was THAT talented. :)  

Great choice "Nikitu" - Ateliersommerland was my second contributor to adore :)
I've got 4 or 5 favorite pieces, but would like to highlight this elf princess :)

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Message edited at 02/15/2013, 17:16:53 PM by Bigpressphoto
   Tea making set    heres one of my favs, who has the best attention to detail in still life and interiors that I wish I could be half as good as in setup.

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Message posted at 02/16/2013, 04:52:38 AM by Shevs
I really like annmei's portfolio. She's great at creating this magical world i'd love to dive into!

   Illustration to the fairy tale Alice in Wonderland   

   Background music with violin and sheet music.   
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Message posted at 02/16/2013, 05:33:02 AM by Melonstone
For me, Bowie15 - great concepts, beautifully post-processed, just love his/her quirky style (even tho I'm not really into people pictures!)


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   Hysterical wife   

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Message posted at 02/16/2013, 12:03:46 PM by Ajv123ajv
Can you like yourself ????

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Message posted at 02/16/2013, 15:22:39 PM by Dudau - member is an admin

Originally posted by Ajv123ajv:
Quoted Message: Can you like yourself ????   

Of course, at least I did it :)

Actually, pressing the Like button from your own profile should be the first step in promoting your portfolio.
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Message edited at 02/16/2013, 15:39:14 PM by Admin
My latest like has gone to Cornelius20

    Content Filtered Image Id 29027182      Green earth concept   
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Message posted at 02/16/2013, 16:24:12 PM by Wisconsinart
I just smashed my camera with a hammer and resigned from the International Order of Stockers.

I am so unworthy.
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Message posted at 02/18/2013, 10:46:44 AM by Heywoody

Originally posted by Wisconsinart:
Quoted Message: I just smashed my camera with a hammer and resigned from the International Order of Stockers.I am so unworthy.

oh yeah!
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Message posted at 02/18/2013, 11:07:37 AM by Bobbrooky
Its a wonder I get any sales at all, when I compare myself to the extraordinary talent that is here at Dreamstime!!!!
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Message posted at 02/18/2013, 21:39:34 PM by Leakeem
Those images are so inspiring. Gotta work on my skills. I'm really curious how they did those. Probably a secret. haha. Great talent! Great skill! I wish I have even a tenth of those.
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Message posted at 02/19/2013, 02:30:35 AM by Dieniti
My absolut favorit is Isselee:
   Variety of farm animals   
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