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Challenge to help develop photo/illustration skills

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Message posted at 02/21/2013, 18:09:09 PM by Chanevy
I have been fascinated for years by Edward Hopper's paintings. I love the seemingly candid glimpse into the subjects' lives. Nighthawks is a special favorite of mine. I admire Hooper's sense of place, use of light and portrayal of people. I am challenging myself to get 10 Hopper inspired images accepted here at DT this year. The major challenge I see is not getting arrested as some sort of eccentric voyeur :-) I think perhaps I will have to work with consenting models, even if they remain unidentifiable in the images. I hope to incresase my understanding of lighting, composition, and story telling in this challenge. I don't think it will be hard to make the images suitable for stock-my characters will just need to be doing something interesting. The challenge for me will be in the execution. The learning will be through more study of Hooper's techniques and more practice behind the lense.

Is there an artist that you admire? Are you willing to join me and make a commitment to emulating your role model, adding your own influence of course? What will you do in 2013 to improve your portfolio?
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Message posted at 03/19/2013, 09:13:41 AM by Parkinsonsniper
He has a very interesting style. I see lots of straight lines and some little portion with perspective. He almost always uses hard lights and high contrasts.

E.H. Painting
This one reminds me a scene from the famous music video of "Evanescence - Bring Me To Life", even the flying curtain is very similar. (The painting is much older than the video)

Nighthawks is a very famous painting, too. Very simple, yet very effective...

I wonder your reproductions of Hopper's. Inform us if any of them are accepted :)
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